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— Rachel Youens
Red Flags Your Dog Might Be From a Puppy Mill

There are certain things in life worth spending on and doing some research, and if you're going to buy a pure »

— Rachel Youens
Pitties and Kitties: Why Pit Bulls Are The Perfect Nanny Dog

Today pit bulls have gained a terrible reputation. Many apartment buildings won't accept them and some countries, like Australia, have outright »

— Tenley Haraldson
Why You Should Adopt Two Cats At Once

Adult cats are often overlooked as adoptable companions, which is really too bad, considering all of the wonderful benefits an older »

— Rachel Youens
Dogly Grant Winner Pays It Forward

There's long been the idea of "paying it forward." It means when something kind is done for you, you're responsible for »

— Oksana Tarnavska
Petcube for Shelters Partners with La Casa de Los Gatos in Ecuador

We are happy to announce our new international shelter partner: La Casa de Los Gatos, located in Guayaquil, Ecuador! La Casa »

— Gene Ryan Briones
Petcube for Shelters Welcomes Two New Partners

Petcube is thrilled to announce two new partners to our Petcube for Shelters program, which aims to connect animal shelters to »

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