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— Rachel Youens
Kisses and Co-Sleeping: How Close Should You and Your Pet Really Be?

You share the bed, you kiss on the lips, you go everywhere together....but is that a good thing? How close »

— Rachel Youens
Holiday Plants That Are Dangerous To Pets

From cookies to turkey, the holidays are filled with too many delicious things to eat, but if your pet is treating »

— Gene Ryan Briones
22 Pets With Amazing Halloween Costumes

Halloween is about tricks or treats, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns, and fancy getups like a Batman costume for dogs or zombie costume »

— Rachel Youens
Meet Beatrice The Costumed Cat

Not to make you feel bad, but while you're desperately scrambling to make a last minute costume, just know that there's »

— Rachel Youens
Pets Who Are Terrible At Catching Pokemon

The Pokemon Go game is our new favorite reason to take our pets for a walk, but while they may love »

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