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Petcube Bites

4.8/5 (1,123 reviews)

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24/7 pet monitoring with video history, intelligent alerts, and exclusive savings on pet care. Looking to purchase Petcube Care?

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  • Video History
  • Sound & Motion Detection
  • Awake, Quiet and Sleep Modes
  • Private and Secure



Great fun for you and your animals!

5/5 stars

By Fox

Love this thing. The dogs are hilarious around it, and it's pretty funny to wake up and see the videos of what the cats have been doing at night (it has night vision) which is mostly trying to break into the treat container. I've been surprised that the animals have not broken into it, but it is pretty solid!Set-up was really easy and the android app works great. My dog and cats sit by it randomly... hoping that it will rain treats upon them. No complaints!

Loving my new Petcube!!

5/5 stars

By Shopper girl

I had been wanting a petcam for well over a year now and researched multiple kinds but never found one that had everything I wanted until I found the Petcube. The other petcams seemed to be geared more towards dogs and didn't have the two way communication that I wanted as well. I can't remember how I initially found out about Petcube but I believe Ellen Degeneres recommended it on her show. My husband bought it for me for Christmas and I absolutely love it!! Anytime we leave the house for an extended period of time, I turn the Petcube on and keep tabs on my cat to make sure he's okay being the worrisome pet mom that I am. I'm able to talk to him and give him treats while we're gone and not only do the videos give me comfort that he's okay, they're highly entertaining and cute to watch. I find myself showing my family and friends what he is up to as well. Petcube also has nightvision which allows me to still see my cat when it gets dark in our house. So far, we've only done day trips and one overnight with our Petcube turned's going to be even better when we go away for a week and I can still check on my baby while we're gone. Thank you Petcube for finally making a product that works well for both cats and dogs and has all of the bells and whistles I've been looking for!PS - my sister has already bought two for her house after watching videos of my cat. She got this model and the one that has the lazer on it.

Amazing! Breathtaking!

5/5 stars

By Fab’s

Let me start by saying this is the best thing I have ever owned! Since I work 70mi. Away from home the petcube makes me feel so close to our cute Schnauzer Droopy! We are enjoying every bit of it. We love it! The camera and voice is so clear! It’s Amazing!

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