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Petcube Bites Safety and Handling

To avoid injuries or causing harm, read all safety information and operating instructions prior to using Petcube.

  • Don’t drop, hit, shake, or tumble your Petcube Bites camera.
  • Don’t stain, scratch, or otherwise damage the front panel.
  • Treats dispensed by Petcube Bites should not replace your pet’s normal meals.
  • Petcube Bites should not be used to dispense medication to your pet. Please keep in mind treat expiration dates and ensure you are only providing your pets with fresh treats.
  • To prevent mechanical problems, use only compatible treats.
  • Be aware that using treats with your pet exposes them to choking hazards. Ensure your pet is familiar with the treats you are using and, that you monitor the consumption. You are not required to use any specific treats with Petcube Bites.
  • Petcube Bites should not be used by minors without supervision from an adult.
  • Don’t expose to liquid, moisture, dust, excessive heat, or naked flame.
  • To avoid overheating, don’t leave Petcube Bites in direct sunlight.
  • Protect the power cord from being walked on, pinched or chewed on by pets.

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