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Petcube SupportPetcube Bites 2 LiteUsing QR code to setup your Petcube Bites 2 Lite

Using QR code to setup your Petcube Bites 2 Lite

During the setup, Petcube app will auto generate the QR code with your network information that needs to be scanned by the Petcube's camera lens.

Make sure the protective film is removed and the lens is clean, increase the brightness on your phone and hold it down steady facing the camera lens at a 5-inch distance until you hear "QR code scanned". Check the box saying “I heard QR code scanned”, tap next and wait until you see the screen saying “Setup complete”.

If QR code cannot be scanned, try a few tips below:

  • Make sure to hold both devices steadily facing each other at 5-inch distance
  • Move any device slightly away, then hold it down steady again
  • Avoid any screen reflections towards the lens by tilting the camera if necessary
  • Only use a phone that has no scratches or cracks on the display
  • Start the setup over

If your phone has cracks you can also try taking a screenshot of the QR code and saving it to another device like a tablet or laptop/computer. Then scan it there with the Petcube device during the setup process

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