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Camera Offline?

In case your camera is displayed as offline in the app, and you cannot access the live stream while LED is blinking blue/yellow, when you know for a fact that internet connection and WiFi is available at home, then something on the network might have changed and you need to re-setup your Petcube.  

This issue may occur if:

  1. You're using a non-original or a less powerful A/C adapter. Please make sure to use only 5V/2A power adapters.
  2. The power cable is not perfectly plugged/fitted on the USB port of the cube. Please keep in mind that Petcube needs to be always plugged in.
  3. You are using a mesh network or your 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz channels have the same SSID. It has been observed on multiple occasions that sometimes Petcube cannot maintain a reliable connection on a mesh network or different network channels (5Ghz and 2.4Ghz) with the same network name (SSID). It is recommended to change any of the two channels names to avoid connection issues.
  4. It’s possible that Petcube doesn’t have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Keep in mind that some connection issues may be caused by poor Wi-Fi signal, which can depend on the router range, distance to the router and obstacles between Petcube and router, such as walls or radio frequency interferences.
  5. There also could be a power outage in your area or home Wi-Fi being timed out. A simple reboot should resolve the issue in this case.
  6. Interruption between cube's connection to home Wi-Fi due to distance and some obstructions

To get your Petcube up and running again you will need to set camera up and connect it to your account anew. Follow these steps to do so (Please bear in mind that Petcube only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi network band):

  1. Power up your Petcube, wait for it to start blinking.
  2. Press the setup button at the bottom of the camera until you hear a short jingle and a message saying “Ready for setup”.
  3. Open the Petcube app, go to the ‘Home’ tab, select ‘connect your device’, pick your Petcube from the list of options and follow the steps on the screen.

For convenience you can remove the old camera registration from the app by going into camera settings and choosing the “Disconnect Camera” option:

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