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Petcube SupportPetcube Play 2 | Petcube PlayPlaying with your Petcube Play

Playing with your Petcube Play

If you successfully registered your Petcube and the LED light on it glows white, go to the camera profile in your iOS app or to the 'Home' tab in your Android app and press the 'Play' icon at the top (fig 4.4.1).

Petcube Play Live Stream Controls (fig 4.4.2):

  1. - Game Settings Menu
  2. - Take a photo to be saved on your device
  3. - Start video to be saved on your device
  4. - Tap to talk to your pet
  5. - Switch to portrait mode (iOS only)

To enable laser and audio, select the 'Settings' wheel in the top right corner of the screen (fig 4.4.3) during the game in the landscape mode.

Settings Menu (fig 4.4.4)

  1. - Turn on Laser to play with your pet
  2. - Turn on sound to listen in
  3. - Turn Night Vision On / Off / Auto

To exit the live stream in iOS app (fig 4.4.5), first exit the landscape mode first by pressing the 2 arrows icon in the upper left corner. To return back to the Petcube feed, tap the camera video while in portrait mode and press the ‘back’ icon in the upper left corner (fig 4.4.6).

To return back to the Petcube feed in Android app, press the ‘X’ icon in the upper left corner (fig 4.4.7).

If you’re using an iOS app, you will automatically connect to your camera when you tap on it. To disable it, switch the ‘Auto connect to Camera’ option off on the camera profile (fig 4.4.8).

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