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Sharing access to your Petcube Bites

By default, only you can access your Petcube video stream, but you can share access to your Petcube with your family, friends and anyone who installs the Petcube app on their smartphone.

Currently, Petcube app offers two different sharing options - temporary (iOS only) and regular.

Temporary sharing allows you to share your Petcube publicly or with selected people and can be configured to last from 15 minutes to 2h.

To use temporary sharing:

  1. Open the Petcube app.
  2. Tap ‘Share Petcube’ in the center of the camera profile (fig 4.15.1).
  3. Set the sharing duration, go to ‘Share with’ option to either select public sharing or invite selected Petcube app users (fig 4.15.2).
  4. Select sharing ‘Permissions’ to edit access to treats and audio controls.

To stop sharing:

  1. Go to camera profile
  2. Tap ‘Sharing’ in the center-right (fig 4.15.3)
  3. Select ‘Stop Sharing’ in the dialog menu (fig 4.15.4).

With regular sharing settings, you can share access to your Petcube with your family, friends and the whole Petcube community.

Family members (fig 4.15.8) will have almost full control of your camera, being able to connect to your Petcube anytime, change camera and sharing settings and access recorded videos on Petcube Care timeline.

Friend sharing (fig 4.15.8) allows you to set friend sharing access at specifically scheduled times and days as well as set a permission access for the treats and 2-way audio controls.

To share access to family members or friends:

  1. Open the Petcube app
  2. Go to the camera profile.
  3. Tap the 'Settings' wheel in the upper right corner if you use Android or tap the ‘Play’ icon if you use iOS.
  4. Tap the ‘Settings’ wheel in the upper right corner.
  5. Tap ‘Sharing’, select the preferable sharing option and add the new user to either 'Family' or 'Friend' list (fig 4.15.8).

To delete a user from your 'Family' or 'Friends' list:

  • Go to 'Sharing' settings again.
  • Find their username and swipe it left to 'Delete' or 'Unfriend' (fig 4.15.10 and 4.15.12).

You can also share your Petcube with any Petcube app user by choosing the 'Public' sharing option (fig 4.15.13) where you can configure access to treats, sound controls and schedule sharing time according to your needs (fig 4.15.14).

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