Petcube Play 3-Pack

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Commentaires des clients

I love seeing my pets anytime

By Kathleen

Really love this. Works well everywhere. We recently took a trip and had a pet sitter stay with the pets. We could check on the pets often and see what was happening at home. Also has night vision which is great in dim light. My pets don't seem to care too much about the laser. It's a great idea and i love seeing my pets anytime. You can also take video or photos of them on your phone from the Petcube play. Highly recommend.

I have used it almost everyday to check-in on our kitties for about 1 year now

By Danielle

I absolutely love the new night vision feature and the 1080p is a bonus on the Petcube Play! My cats are the most active at night. The night vision feature makes checking in and playing with my cats at night possible when I'm not home... Also, the laser pointer is fun to play with the cats, whether we're home or not.

Very sleek and fancy on your shelf

By Nara

This is such a great camera for watching your pet if you want a simple user friendly camera made for exactly that reason! I ordered the rose gold and it is a really nice finish while still looking cute! I really love that this is something that not only works well, but is designed to look very sleek and fancy on your shelf.Setup is 10/10 very very easy to do, they really did a good job making it very painless which I appreciate.

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