Slava Baranskyi by Slava Baranskyi

Petcube for Apple Watch at a Glance

As Apple Watch hits the stores shortly, we are proud to share a sneak peek at the upcoming Petcube app that will let you check on your pet right from your wrist.

We believe that technologies can bring the way we interact with our pets to a completely new level. The most anticipated wearable device has inspired us to create the very first Apple Watch app that will let you connect with your four-legged pal in a moment and have your daily dose of cuteness literally on hand.

Petcube Camera lets you watch and talk to you pet anytime as well as give her a little bit of exercise with the laser pointer chasing game from anywhere using your smartphone. On top of that, Petcube app for iOS connects you to a friendly all-about-pets community, allowing you to share photos of your furry friend, follow and keep in touch with other pet lovers and interact with the cutest pups and kitties from all over the world through shared Petcube Cameras.


Petcube for Apple Watch complements your Petcube experience beautifully. Have a peace of mind by checking on your furry friend with a quick snapshot from your Petcube Camera on your wrist. Make your camera securely public for 15 minutes with just two taps, so a fellow pet lover can say hello to your pet and give her a short workout session while you’re busy. You will also immediately know if someone connects to your Petcube Camera.


Don’t have a pet but still want to play? Your Apple Watch will let you know when your friend shares the access to their pet with you or when someone you follow makes their camera public. Finally, you can always maintain normal cuteness levels during a busy day by browsing your Petcube feed on the go.

Apple Watch hits the stores on April 24th, and we’re thrilled to be one of the first apps that its users will try.

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