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Petcube Play 3-Pack

Petcube Play

4.6/5 (2,349 reviews)

489,00 €

Be everywhere your pet is at home. Interact and play with your furry loved ones and keep your home secure.

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24/7 pet monitoring with video history, intelligent alerts, and exclusive savings on pet care. Looking to purchase Petcube Care?

489,00 €

Bezpłatna wysyłka standardowa

45-dniowa gwarancja

2 lat gwarancji

  • 45-dniowa gwarancja
    2 lat gwarancji
  • Bezpłatna wysyłka standardowa


  • Video History
  • Sound & Motion Detection
  • Awake, Quiet and Sleep Modes
  • Private and Secure

Komentarze Klientów

Fun and effective!

4/5 stars

By Kristin

So far, I'm really enjoying the PetCube Play! Initially, I had trouble getting it to connect to my Wi-Fi (my firewall was the issue), but the customer service team was able to efficiently talk me through adjusting the settings on my router so the PetCube could connect. I love being able to check in on my dog while I'm gone at work, as well as confirming my suspicions that he likes to bark at the window when other dogs go by (see image). Thanks to the 2-way audio feature, I can get his attention and stop the unwanted behavior. He is still figuring out the laser pointer, but I haven't tried calibrating it yet, so we'll see how things go once I take care of that.

Peace of mind

4/5 stars

By Leigh

This is purrfect for me to check in on my foster kittens!! I got to see what shenanigans they were up to at night, and could monitor how much each shy kitten wa eating when I wasn’t around. So fun to see them interact with the laser pointer!

Fun Times!

5/5 stars

By Franny Fro

OMG, this is soooo much fun! We have both cats and dogs. The cats love the laser light. The dogs ignore it, BUT I can watch all of them from anywhere! The dogs really freak when they hear my voice! lol

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