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Petcube Play 2-Pack

Petcube Play

4.6/5 (2,349 reviews)


Ideal for a multi-room apartment or home. Interact and play with pets, and look after your home.

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24/7 pet monitoring with video history, intelligent alerts, and exclusive savings on pet care. Looking to purchase Petcube Care?


Free Shipping over $50

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

1-Year Warranty

  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
    1-Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping over $50


  • Video History
  • Sound & Motion Detection
  • Awake, Quiet and Sleep Modes
  • Private and Secure


Customer Reviews

Love it!

5/5 stars

By Alison Edwards

First, I love the fact that I can check in on the family dog during the day. I can also surprise my kids and start talking on it when I see that they are watching tv instead of doing their homework. The audio is clear and the visual is also clear. I feel safe knowing that I can get a quick look inside my house when I am away.

Works great

5/5 stars

By Kandace

Love it..spy on dogs all the time

Peace of Mind and great FUN!!!!

5/5 stars

By Anita Barber

It is a fun way to keep an eye on my three cats while I'm at work or on vacation. I can also share with my husband, children and friends who are also pet lovers. It really gives me peace of mind and insight into how they interact, their interests and character. If you have any issues they have great friendly customer service who are responsive and the tech support is patient and diligent about solving any issues as well. Love this thing. The cats are hilarious around it and see the videos of what the cats have been doing at night (it has night vision) which is mostly trying to break into the treat container or sneak up on one another. Set-up was really easy and the android app works great. My cats sit by it. I love my Petcube Play. and play laser tag. That way they get some exercise. No complaints! I love being able to see them while I am at work and other people share as well. Great fun! The app works relatively quickly and was very easy to set up right out of the box. I feel a lot better now. Thanks.Anita BarberAnita Barber

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