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Using Push-To-Talk or Two-way Audio

Petcube comes with 2 ways of audio interaction: default push-to-talk that works much like a walkie-talkie and optional simultaneous 2-way audio.

Push-to-talk should be available during the live stream but in case you don’t have this option, open the Petcube App, tap on your profile picture at the very top if you use iOS or on the left hand side menu if you use Android, tap the profile ‘Settings’ wheel in the upper right corner, select ‘Reduce echo in camera calls’ under General and make sure it’s turned on.

To disable push-to-talk and continue using simultaneous two-way-audio make sure the option ‘Reduce echo in camera calls’ is turned off.

In case push-to-talk option is missing in your Petcube app, please contact our support team.

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