How to perform a manual firmware update on your Petcube Camera

In order to perform the manual update of your Petcube Camera, follow the directions below:

1. Download the firmware update to your computer from the link:
2. Unzip the files (there should be two files, “EPDK.IMG” and a 0-byte file “UPDATE.BOT”.
3. Connect your Petcube Camera to a computer via USB and wait until it starts blinking.
4. Quickly press the button on the back of the camera three times.
5. Petcube will run a test and play a voice message.
6. In a moment, it will appear on your computer as an “Untitled” device. If it doesn’t appear on your computer within 1 minute, try a different USB port and/or USB cable and follow the same instructions to connect it.
7. Copy and paste the two files into the root folder of the device. Replace files if prompted.
8. IMPORTANT: Before unplugging the Petcube from your computer, safely eject the device in Finder (Mac) or safely remove it from the system tray (Wіndows).
9. Unplug the device and plug it back in with a power adapter.
10. Your Petcube will boot up and install the new firmware while glowing a solid yellow color, which might take up to 5 minutes.
11. If the update works, your Petcube will automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi and the LED light will switch to white.

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