How to Turn Off Petcube Care Video History

Petcube Care’s video history feature is turned on by default. You can easily deactivate it by launching the Petcube App, tapping on “Care” in the top left corner and, after the Care screen launches, moving the slider to the far right to “Sleep” mode.

In Sleep mode, Petcube Care is disabled. It will not detect and record events. Nothing will be added to your video history timeline. You will still have access to recorded videos if any were taken when Care was active and your subscription plan allows.

Use Awake mode, when you are not around and want Petcube Care to be active. You will get noise & motion notifications. These moments will be stored on your timeline.

Quiet mode is for when you do not want to be disturbed. Moments will be stored on your timeline if triggered by noise & motion, but you will not receive notifications.

If you turned on Sleep mode, but later purchase a Petcube Care subscription, Awake mode will be turned on automatically and your video timeline will begin to populate.

Tap on the cloud icon in the upper right corner of the Care screen to access the mode selector for Petcube Care.

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