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Petcube-SupportEmergency FundCan I use the funds immediately after subscribing?

Can I use the funds immediately after subscribing?

No, there is a 14-day wait period before your Emergency Fund is available to use towards a vet emergency. We'll send you an email notification when your waiting period is over and your Emergency Fund is available for activation and use.

Emergency Fund by Petcube won't cover a vet emergency that exists at the time of sign-up, nor will it cover or reimburse any emergencies incurred before the completion of the wait period.

The wait period cannot be modified or adjusted in any way.

Your Emergency Fund becomes available after your Emergency Fund membership has been active for a complete 14 days. You will not be able to access the Emergency Fund on the same day that you sign up, even if our vet confirms your pet is in need of immediate emergency care.

Emergency Fund by Petcube

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