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Petcube-SupportPetcube GPS TrackerTracker is showing inaccurate position

Tracker is showing inaccurate position

Your tracker should report positions that are accurate to around 10 meters when outside with a clear line of sight to the sky. We are committed to making sure all data you see in your app is as accurate as possible.

If something doesn’t look right, please take a 10-minute test walk around the block with your tracker in your hand and live tracking active to test the performance of the tracker when outdoors in Lost Pet mode and observe tracker positions with bluetooth off on your phone. 

Here are the most common reasons for seeing a less accurate position:

  • GPS interference: When your tracker’s line of sight to the sky is blocked - such as by tall buildings, the roof of your home, or very thick forest - it doesn’t receive such clear data from GPS satellites, which leads to less accurate positions. However, we have algorithms in place that aim to exclude any very inaccurate data from the positions you see in the app. We also recommend setting up a WiFi Zone to avoid inaccurate positions when your pet is safely at home.
  • Use of live tracking when indoors: Your tracker tries to detect a new position every 2-3 seconds in Lost Pet mode. As mentioned above, GPS devices are unable to receive such clear data from satellites when indoors. Therefore, we don’t recommend using live tracking when indoors as it can lead to less accurate or “jumping” positions. 
  • WiFi Zone in the wrong place: When you set up a WiFi Zone to save battery life, you choose the location of the WiFi zone in the app. If you put the pin in the wrong place, your app will show this location every time your tracker detects your WiFi. To fix this, simply go to Profile > Tracker > WiFi Zones. Select the WiFi Zone in question, move it to the correct location and tap Save.

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