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Petcube SupportPetcube Bites 2 | Petcube BitesHow to acclimate your pet to Petcube Bites

How to acclimate your pet to Petcube Bites

Some pets may need an adjustment period to get used to Petcube Bites. Follow these simple steps to successfully introduce Bites to your pet:

  • Take time to positively introduce Bites to your pet. Let them smell and inspect the device before you start operating it.

  • Introduce them to the idea that treats will come out and give your pet a positive association with the device. Toss treats to your pet as though they’re coming from the device. Put a treat into the dispensing hole and let them smell and see it.

  • Disable the sound in settings to avoid your pet being alarmed by the speaker.

  • Stay in the room with your pet the first time you launch treats to provide encouragement and comfort.

  • Make sure your pet is not directly in front of the launcher. It is recommended to setup the device on a counter/shelf or wall mount it.

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