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Petcube SupportPetcube CareMulti-camera support on Premium Petcube Care plan

Multi-camera support on Premium Petcube Care plan

If you own multiple Petcube cameras and want to have Petcube Care cloud video history on all of them, you can subscribe to Premium Petcube Care plan to easily cover unlimited devices and get access to all Premium features across all your connected Petcube cams such as:

  • 90 days of video history
  • Unlimited video downloads
  • 30-second video clips
  • Smart alerts and filters
  • 2-year device warranty

Purchase Premium plan once and add as many cameras on your account as you want without having to purchase another subscription on any additional camera on your account. One Premium subscription works across all of your devices.

If you’re already using multiple cameras on your account and decide to purchase a Premium subscription for one of them, all other cameras will switch to Premium plan as well.

If you’re already using a Premium subscription on one or more cameras and decide to add another camera on your account, this camera will be also switched to the Premium subscription. Keep in mind that if you decide to cancel the Premium subscription on one of the cameras, all other cameras will lose it too.

If you are using non-premium subscription on one or more Petcube cameras and decide to upgrade any of them to Premium, all other devices will switch to Premium as well.

If you’re using a Premium subscription across all of your connected Petcube cameras and decide to downgrade any of them to Optimal plan, all other cameras will stop recording new events.

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