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Every parent would say that understanding your child’s needs and interests is key to a happy family — the same goes for pet-human families.

Dog emotions can seem like a terra incognita as much as a mysterious cat behavior. If your weekends feel too long, try these free online courses and books that will make you a wiser pet parent and improve your knowledge of common animal behavior issues.

1. Dog Emotion and Cognition, Duke University

Dog lovers interested in the latest dog psychology discoveries will find this course really useful. Dive deeper into zoopsychology and cognitive evolution studies to get new insights on dogs’ feelings and emotions. It’s time to truly bond with your furry friend!

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2. Animal Behaviour and Welfare, University of Edinburgh

Much to Petcube’s delight, animal welfare is attracting more and more global attention. The course will be helpful to people willing to understand various dimensions of animal welfare, as well as learn more about animal behavior and emotions.

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3. The Truth About Cats and Dogs, University of Edinburgh

Learn more about dog and cat behavior, communication, vocalizations, and body language to better understand pets’ emotions and needs. This course will also shed light on common pet behavior problems and challenges facing human-pet relationships.

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4. EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a veterinarian?, University of Edinburgh

This course is a great opportunity to find out if you want to make Veterinary Medicine your future profession. Pet enthusiasts can learn the essentials of animal care, anatomy, vet consulting, and development of veterinary medicine, usually covered during the first year of a veterinary degree.

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5. Dog Behavior: Problems and Solutions, Arizona State University

Dog behavior problems are often hard to fix without a proper understanding of their origins. This online course explores dog psychology, behavior reinforcement, and training approaches, which will help you leave in harmony with your pup.

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6. Birds 101: Introduction to Pet Birds, University of Tennessee

Pet bird parents will find here practical information about different pet bird species, as well as bird care, behavior, anatomy and other things useful for proper pet bird handling.

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7. BEFORE You Get Your Puppy, Ian Dunbar

Do you consider becoming a dog parent? This decision may feel a little overwhelming. Read Before You Get Your Puppy book that addresses the most common issues that concern future pet parents, and new household routines you will have to embrace when getting a new furry family member.

8. AFTER You Get Your Puppy, Ian Dunbar

After You Get Your Puppy book covers different aspects of puppy care, behavior, training, housebreaking, and separation anxiety, which will be helpful for inexperienced dog parents.

9. 30 Day Perfect Pup Online Training Class, Zak George

Zak George offers a free 30-day positive-reinforcement style training class suitable for dogs of all ages. This course provides tips on essential commands, potty training, walking on a leash, crate training and many more topics.

⭐️ Bonus!
Pet First Aid Guide, Kurgo

While this guide doesn’t quite cover behavior-related issues, it is important to educate yourself on different emergencies that may happen to your pet, learn to do a CPR on a dog or cat, and handle a sick or hurt animal.

We hope that these books and courses will not only keep you entertained but also help you stay BFFs with your fluffy kids.

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