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  • M

    August 22, 2022

    Exactly what we were looking for.

    We just got a puppy so we wanted a surveillance camera to watch over her while we are not home. This is exactly what were were looking for and was so affordable, easy setup and installation as well. The picture quality it great 👍 haven't tried the night vision yet. I'll update once I do
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    August 21, 2022

    Amazing product for the price.

    Customer service is great. We have really really enjoyed using the camera. It works great except for when I try to zoom in its blurry.
  • JB
    Jacolyn B.

    August 20, 2022

    Great camera for great Value! 2 way speaker works great!

    If you’re looking for something not too expensive this is the one. I got the 2 pack cameras for $72 and they were quick to set up. Simple download the app then quick setup. Had one camera setup in my sunroom within 5 minutes. Wanted something to watch my dogs while I’m away on vacation and my family takes care of them. No subscription for live feed but for recording there is. I plan to use the subscription just while I’m away and future reasons. Super light weight and the magnet is strong! Great picture quality and the two way speakers are great! I have not tried the night vision yet but excited to see it tonight. Must buy if you need pet cameras!
  • Lmb
    Leslie m brown

    August 18, 2022

    Great lil camera for the $

    I purchased this to keep a eye on my furniture chewing boston terrier puppy. The notifications helped me reprimand him wen I wasn't home. The TV light kinda messed with the night vision but at this price point I think the quality is worth wat u pay. And customer service and tech support helped every time o needed somthing.
  • E

    August 15, 2022

    Great little camera with quality video!

    Big bang for your buck! Very clear picture. Very sensitive to sound - will pick up the slightest noise or whisper. Just a tad grainy in the dark which is to be expected. We had it set up and ready to go for our first night with a new puppy and it worked beautifully! A must buy if you want to be able to check in on your fur baby during the day or night! ❤️
  • E

    August 15, 2022

    Awesome deal

    This camera is really great especially considering how cheap it is compared to others. The picture quality is good, motion and noise detection is very sensitive, night vision is good, set up is easy. You don’t have to pay for a subscription unless you want your videos to remain accessible longer. And the subscription options aren’t too spendy.
  • m

    August 12, 2022

    Great product

    Great product. Easy to install and use. Love to check up on my pup at work and even when I have poor signal I get a fairly good picture
  • G

    August 10, 2022

    Just what I wanted

    Perfect for keeping an eye on my 3 fur kids when I do go somewhere
  • S

    August 09, 2022

    Pet cam cube Best ever!!!

    I Love this pet cam cube. It was so easy to set up and it lets you see your pet and has a voice feature that you can speak to your dog from work or where ever you can also hear your dog...It's the best deal I have got for the price. I want to buy another one.
  • SG
    Sophia Graham

    August 05, 2022

    Anxiety Relief!

    This product is a game changer!! Helped me feel less anxious leaving my pup at home while I’m at work!
  • M

    August 04, 2022

    Love it

    Only issue is when you talk, it kind of echoes but everything else about it is great!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    August 03, 2022

    Absolutely thrilled with these cameras!

    So easy to set up. Took only minutes. Picture quality is great. Such a relief to see how my dog is doing while I’m at work. Makes my day less stressful. So happy I chose this brand
  • PS
    Pam S.

    July 27, 2022

    Great device to have to monitor your pet when away from home

    I’m very pleased with the PetCube Cam. Easy to install, picture has great clarity, comes with several options for sound. The PetCube Cam gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your pet.
  • JL
    James L.

    July 15, 2022

    Excellent customer support

    We have three Petcubes. They are a convenient asset to have if you have pets in your home. We had a hard time connecting our third pack cube to our Wi-Fi. Customer support was with us every step of the way. They even double checked twice to make sure the Petcube was connected and working. Many times I order things and I need customer support but there is no one to reach. Very pleased with Petcube and their staff! Would highly recommend this product!
  • JDP
    Judith D. Potashnick

    July 14, 2022

    Great product, easy to set up, great customer service

    Petcubes are easy to set up, they provide clear pictures and videos and customer service is fantastic.
  • J

    July 13, 2022

    Good for pet surveillance

    While it did work it was a very USEFUL item and i do think it is worth the money
  • M

    June 16, 2022

    Good for the price

    For the price, it does exactly what it says. However, mine is a little over a year old and it suddenly stops working after about 10 hours a day so I am getting rid of it.
  • N

    June 15, 2022

    Wonderful cam and fantastic customer service❣️

    Small, easily placed, fur babies hear you. Had trouble adding my husband for his access, customer service got back to me right away, step by step and didn’t just blow me off.
  • k

    June 13, 2022

    It works really well , I can even talk to my fur babies !

    This little cube is awesome ! I can see my fur babies when I'm not home and love it ! For the price the quality is great ! I love that I can check on them anytime I leave now and even talk to them if I want or need to. I can see them realy well. The only issue I have is it does lag at times , that could be my wifi because I don't have the highest speed . Other than that it works perfect ! I would definitely purchase again !
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    May 03, 2022

    Great functionality for the price

    We bought a two pack of the cameras to keep an eye on our aging cat while we were away for several days. One at the food station, and one at his favorite sleeping spot. We discovered that he doesn't miss us at all while we're away, only puts on a very vocal show when we return.The app alerts you (based on preference settings) when motion is detected, so that you can see live action. You must purchase an additional subscription to actually get recorded activity. We did fine with the no cost live options.
  • T

    July 30, 2021

    Worth every penny for the peace of mind. If I could give 12 stars I would

    When we first got our rescue dog he had critical, I mean critical separation anxiety. The one time we tried to leave him alone behind a doggy gate, left a shock matt by the front door of our apartment and went out for just a few short hours ( we had just gotten him at the time, like this was the first week and didn't understand how bad it was) he broke through the gate and stood on the shock mat, getting shocked, while he literally chewed a hole through our front door. He's only 26 lbs.Needless to say we never felt comfortable leaving him out of his crate setup whenever we had to leave home without him again. We would try for even a few minutes at a time and he would start scratching at the door. Two years later and I had been able to keep gradually increasing his alone time out of the crate bit by bit, but I never felt comfortable going past the lawn for more then 15 minutes. I felt like he had the potential to go longer, but I was too afraid to try it out. A friend recommended this device to me and I am so, so glad I finally decided to give it a try. Idk I just got this literally today so maybe I'm speaking too soon BUT I was able to leave my home with my dog out of crate FOR OVER AN HOUR. I actually went to the market a few blocks away and got a soda just for the heck of it. Whenever my dog started appearing to look nervous I could talk to him through the camera saying " good boy, good waiting" and he would calm down. I don't even care about the subscription price, $6 a month is worth it for this. My door is in tact. I have peace of mind. I know that now when it's just me and our dog alone, I can leave him at home out of crate to go run an errand or whatever. It might not seem like a big deal to most people but honestly this just amazing for my partner and I ( and of course our dog!)
  • R

    June 22, 2021

    Great camera

    This is a great little camera! The quality of the video is great. We actually bought it to use in our RV to keep an eye on our fur babies when we are out and about. Setup was super easy
  • PN
    Patricia Nicholson

    April 12, 2021

    Highly recommended if you have anxiety about leaving your pets at home!

    I love my camera. My signal is great! This calms my anxiety about leaving my two beautiful fur babies at home even for a few hours. I click on the app and I can check on them! I love it! Totally recommend!
  • ET
    Emily Turcotte

    October 19, 2020

    So much goodness packed into a little body

    Having owned and used other Petcube products, I am very familiar with how to set them up, etc. This was the easiest set up by far and I liked that there was a voice to walk me through certain steps to the setup.Also, look how cute this thing is?! The size of the palm of my hand?! And has a magnetic base so I can set it up anywhere?! I’m sold! They even include a metal washer with adhesive sticker Incase you want to install it somewhere that isn’t metallic. I did not use this option as I’m not sure where I would like the camera to be permanently.One of my other favorite features is that I can tilt the camera how I want it to. Previously, I would prop it up by whatever items I had nearby to get a good angle of my dog. Now I can tilt it up or down to get a good angle.The night vision view is also great and I can make out my dog wherever she is in the room. This was a challenge sometimes with other models.I haven’t run into any cons with this camera. It seriously runs great and set up is a breeze.