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Petcube Smart Alerts

1. What are Smart Alerts & How do they work?

Smart alerts bring AI-powered recognition technology to the pet space. Your Petcube camera will be able to give you better intel on what’s happening at home when you’re away, with audio detection of dog barks and cat meows, and visual detection of cats, dogs and people. Get push notifications on your phone when something is detected and setup automatic video recording so you can later replay what happened.

2. How well does it work?

Smart alerts improve the accuracy of your notifications, giving you less false positives. The feature is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms that learn and improve over time - this means that it will actually get smarter and smarter.

3. Can I use smart alerts?

Petcube Care smart alerts are now available for all Petcube Care members subscribed to Optimal or Premium plans.

4. Can I choose which smart alerts I receive?

Yes! Smart alerts are triggered by four new types of events that your Petcube camera can recognize:

  • Dogs barking
  • Cats meowing
  • Pets in view of the camera
  • People in view of the camera

Use smart video filerts to be in full control of which notifications you get - choose one or get them all - it’s up to you.

5. How can I get smart alerts for my pets?

If you have a Petcube Care subscription:

  1. Easy! Enable Smart Alerts in the Petcube App under Camera Notifications.

If you're not subscribed to Petcube Care:

  1. Sign up for Optimal or Premium plans of Petcube Care subscription.
  2. Enable Smart Alerts in the Petcube App under Camera Notifications.

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