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Connecting pets to the internet
and giving them
a voice

We’ve got the internet, smartphones, and self-driving cars. Yet our pets are still chewing the same toys as 20 years ago. With a lot of passion for pets and technology, we founded Petcube in 2012, to create pet products for the XXI century.

A pet camera is an obvious one to start with. It’s like a smartphone for your pet. Allows you to stay connected anytime, and monitors your pet all day long. It can spot a health issue or distract your pet from an unwanted behavior. And once there’s enough data — it can be possible to literally understand how your pet feels.

In 2018 we went further and launched Petcube Care platform, where we feature other pet products we’re excited about. There’s definitely more need for innovation in pet space than any single company can handle, so it should be a collaborative effort.

In our view, there are three layers for the future connected pet ecosystem. The first one is smart pet devices, including cameras, collars, feeders, and others. The second one is a set of algorithms, that get insights from the data, collected by devices. And the third one is a pool of products and applications, that can be personalized for your pet, based on the insights received.

It will take time and a number of companies to accomplish this vision, but we believe this is the right paradigm for the XXI century. Pets are our family members, incredibly important companions for hundreds of millions of people around the world, literally, seen as babies by many of us. They deserve our best effort.

Petcube is a relatively small group of passionate people. It’s never easy to be inventing something new. It might be hard to compete for attention with all the latest consumer gadgets boosted by billions of marketing dollars. But every happy pet parent with a Petcube proves us it’s worth it.

Our mission is to connect pets to the internet and give them a voice. With every Petcube product you buy, you help us to achieve this vision. If you like it and stand behind what we stand for — please spread the word.



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