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Petcube Care

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Petcube Care members save an average $200/year on pet care. Exclusive savings on Trupanion, Rover, Audible, DOGTV and more. Plus, monitor your pet with 24/7 video history and smart alerts.

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Free trial of 24/7 video history with Petcube device purchase.
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Petcube Care

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Get complete coverage with multi-day video history and save
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Complete 24/7 video history over 3, 10, or 30 days, saved on the cloud.
Extended video recordings, and 2-year device warranty.
PLUS members-only access to savings on a range of pet care services.

Without Petcube Care
With Petcube Care
Access to Past Video History
4 Hours
3, 10 or 30 Days
Members-only Pet Care Benefits
Access to Live Stream
Sound and Motion Alerts
Video Recordings of your Pet
10 Second Clips
Up to 30 Second Videos
Video Downloads
2-Year Extended Warranty on your Devices

Member-only Pet Care Benefits

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Petcube Care is a winner with pet
parents everywhere

Petcube Care is amazing! I'm constantly fostering multiple special needs kittens at once. I can look back through the videos that Petcube Care records and check to make sure that the kittens are moving ok, using the litter box and eating how they should. It really helps put my mind at ease while at work or away from the house.

By C. Aronson

Petcube Care lets me look back not only on the entire history but on behaviors that I might not otherwise have caught. For example, it helped me see how Bacon, my pug puppy, bugs her brother, Plato, who is 13. It also lets me check to see who was responsible for what mess (usually the puppy).

By A. Hung

Petcube Care has helped me solve some issues with my fosters I would have never been able to see without it. For example which kitten is the culprit not using the litter box properly, also which kittens need more work when we transition into dry food. It's an amazing tool for fostering kittens!

By D. Chavez