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Petcube Cam 360


World revolves around your pet with Petcube Cam 360

Cam 360 on the post

Covering those blind spots

Petcube cameras work best together providing the full video coverage for your pets and home. Keep tabs, solve mysteries, improve pets’ behavior with multiple cameras, well organized in your Petcube App.


Cam 360 2 PackCam 360 2 Pack


Cam 360 2 Pack


Cam 360 3 PackCam 360 3 Pack


Cam 360 3 Pack

Cam 360Cam 360 Hint
Cam 360Cam 360 Hint

Pet camera monitor with flexible mounting


Put it on a table top or a shelf. Rubber foot for optimal grip.


Special tape included for more flexible mounting.

Enhance your experience with Petcube Care

Smart alerts in your app

Know when your dog barks, cat meows, or when a pet or human is in the room

Iphone notificationIphone notification

30-sec video history

Replay up to 3 days of activity stored securely in the cloud

Timeline slider

Daily Diary video highlights

Never miss the most interesting moments of the day. Just 30 seconds long, delivered daily

Daily Diary TimelineDaily Diary Timeline

Web interface for convenience

Browse video history, set smart filters, and download video clips directly from a browser

Macbook on the table

24/7 vet chat

Unlimited online conversations with certified veterinarians

iPhone in hand with emergency fund chat

Which Petcube camera is right for you?



Cam 360Cam 360

Cam 360



Privacy mode

Privacy mode



110° wide‑angle view

105° wide-angle view







2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Works with

Works with



1 microphone

1 microphone



£32.50 £49.95 

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Questions? Answers

  • Petcube Cam 360

    What are some of the features of Petcube Cam 360?

    Petcube Cam 360 features are 350º horizontal and 55º vertical rotation, 105º wide-angle view, 1080p HD video, 2-way audio, and 8x digital zoom.

    Does Petcube Cam 360 have a laser pointer for animals to chase and play?

    Petcube Cam 360 does not include a laser point functionality. If you are looking for a Petcube device with a laser pointer, consider getting Petcube Play 2.

    What is the difference between Cam and Cam 360?

    The key difference between Cam 360 and Cam is the ability to rotate the camera. The Cam 360 supports a 350º horizontal and 55º vertical rotation, making it the first Petcube camera ever with a flexible view angle. All the other features are the same as those of the Petcube Cam

    Can I get remote access to Petcube Cam using cell data?

    You can access Petcube Cam remotely from your cell data without your smartphone connected to Wi-Fi.

  • FAQ

    Can I use Cam 360 in place of my existing home Wi-Fi camera?

    Petcube Cam 360 has many of the same features as a home Wi-Fi camera. Our cameras are designed specifically for the pet owners in mind. It's entirely up to you, as you can use Petcube devices as standalone home cameras or as a complement to what you already have.

    How many Petcube cameras do I need?

    It's entirely up to you and a matter of personal preference. Depending on the size of your home or living area, you can have multiple cameras in your home. You can access multiple cameras from your account.

    Can I share live streaming with family and friends?

    Through the Petcube app, you can share your camera with family and friends. You are always in complete control of your camera access and the level of permissions you choose to grant to those close to you. In the app, visit the Share Camera Settings and select a suitable sharing option. Those granted access to your camera will need to download the Petcube app to interact with the camera and your pets.

  • Payments

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping at varies on the delivery speed you choose. Select from Standard, Expedited, and Priority shipping options, while the exact prices will vary depending on your location and the chosen option.

    What is your refund/return policy?

    We offer a 45-day hassle-free money-back policy if you purchase a Petcube device through our store at

    Do you charge a monthly fee?

    By default, there is no monthly fee unless you choose to subscribe to an optional Petcube Care video cloud recording plan. Petcube Care provides a 24/7 video timeline history for on-the-go pet care and home security. Visit our Petcube Care page for details.

  • App

    How can I access and control my camera?

    You do everything with Petcube App, compatible with iOS and Android devices. With Petcube Care, you can also playback and download videos in the browser from a desktop or laptop.

    Can I take screenshots and record videos with the Petcube app?

    Sure. You need to tap the Photo Camera icon on the bottom left while in play mode to take a screenshot. For video recording, tap the Video Camera icon at the bottom right in play mode.

    Can I view streaming video through the app?

    Yes, Petcube cameras are designed for real-time interaction with your pets. The video is live streaming through the app on your smartphone.

  • Setup

    Where can I place Petcube Cam 360?

    Consider placing Petcube in a location that allows for maximum coverage through the camera's 105° wide-angle lens. It's always a good idea to point the Petcube in the direction where your pets tend to spend most of their time.

    Is Petcube Cam 360 easy to set up?

    All Petcube devices, including Cam 360, can be set up in minutes. Download the Petcube App for iOS or Android and follow the on-screen instructions. In every box, you will also find a Quick Start guide, and we have customer service if you need help.

    Can I set up multiple Petcube cameras for one account?

    To register multiple cameras to one account, launch the Petcube app. Swipe left at the top of the 'Home' tab. Press the 'Tap to connect your device' icon. Select your Petcube camera from the list and follow the instructions.

  • Hardware

    Is an Internet connection required to use Petcube Cam 360?

    Yes, you must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz).

    Does Petcube Cam 360 rotate, pan, or tilt?

    Cam 360 is the first Petcube camera ever that rotates, pans, and tilts due to the 350º horizontal and 55º vertical rotation. It has a 105º wide-angle camera lens, which allows you to cover as much area as possible by tilting the camera.

    Does Petcube Cam 360 require a monthly subscription?

    No, all of our cameras, including Petcube Cam 360, can be used out of the box and do not require a subscription. However, without Petcube Care, you will not be able to store video and get smart alerts.