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Lead Engineer for Video Streaming

Ukraine (remote) ● full-time

We need The Video Streaming Craftsman who will help to shape and scale our products’ core functionality into a piece of engineering art that other IoT companies would crave for.

What’s Petcube Team?

We create IoT products for pets and their pet parents since 2012, and strive for such quality as Apple has set for consumer electronics that people love. 🧔👩💕🐶🐱 Amidst the pandemic we succeeded to launch a new camera Petcube Cam. Its sales are now rocketing so fast that our streaming platform’s stability and scalability require a truly space-tech upgrade. So we are growing the product team, and Video Streaming Engineer will become its cornerstone.

Why should I join?

  • We walked the startup path from 0 to 1 through several crises, and level-up our product quality with each next launch.
  • Our business = Internet of Things + SaaS for hundreds of thousands of customers, and there’s everything tech inside: hardware, firmware, backend, apps, video streaming, payments, chatbots, ML.
  • With our team, you’ll get so much experience in a single year that with other products is gained for three years, leave aside the outsourcing.
  • You’ll get the whole team’s support WITHOUT the bureaucratic hurdles.
  • We’re working remotely, and we have cool “Lab” with cameras farm, microchips, and other reasons to socialize 🛠🥃
  • When our tech will understand dogs and cats better than humans can, you’ll be able to mention your contribution in this breakthrough not without a bit of vanity 🦄

What are the expectations?

  • You have 5+ years of engineering experience
  • You contributed significantly to at least one video streaming core of the product(s) with 100k+ users
  • You have mastered the video/audio streaming stack end-to-end, and you’re fluent in C/C++ to craft the embedded or mobile lib, and python/go/other languages relevant for backend.
  • These tech standards are not just some theory for you: WebRTC, SIP, RTP/RTCP, MPEG, H264, SRTP (maybe you can mention more? 😎)
  • You can tell what are these abbreviations and what typical uses and challenges stand behind each of them: STUN, TURN, ICE, SDP, NAT.
  • For you, signaling is primarily about servers, not about animals communicating to find a partner 💔
  • You are hands-on with optimizing media transmission performance and strengthening security.
  • For you, the platform is part of the product, which means aligning with business context and other components, and taking a lead where the streaming core sets the game rules for the rest.
  • You know the time to design and the time to develop and leverage OOD to prepare concise APIs and libs.
  • Testing is not just for testers, you make use of unit, integration, stress and other useful types of testing, and align on it with QA team.
  • The test and production data is your best advisor, you honor proper logging and know how to build highly usable dashboards that warn about upcoming issues before customers bring them to the support team.
  • Documenting is not a dull burden, but your tool that helps to scale the platform, discuss and make decisions with fellow engineers.
  • You don’t walk past the potential problems, and suggest the optimal preventive solutions, with respect to constraints and priorities.
  • You prefer direct conversation but keep up the minimal formalities for quality and traceability.
  • The discussed and agreed responsibility is more important for you than the formal position.
  • If your team lacks some narrow expertise, you find a way to cover it together.

What will I work on?

  • The video streaming core of our products - simple, mighty, beautiful. The platform that serves hundreds of thousands of customers.
  • You’ll join our quest for optimal architecture and balance between proven off-the-shelf solutions and components specific to our business needs.
  • You’ll be at the heart of our efforts to deliver seamless customer experience, on par with Zoom / Skype / Google Meet, and astonishing the direct competition like Google Nest and Amazon’s Ring.
  • The team you’ll work with, overcomes such productions challenges that sometimes 3rd party vendors come unprepared for our questions

And if the resulting solution excels, we are seriously thinking about turning it into Platform as a Service.