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Petcube SupportPetcube Play | Petcube Bites | Petcube CameraPetcube LED has a fast blinking orange light

Petcube LED has a fast blinking orange light

At Petcube we are working hard to deliver the best experience to Petcube users and we are regularly releasing both software updates of the Petcube application and firmware updates of the camera itself.

While Petcube application updates are installed automatically and almost unnoticeably, when it comes to camera firmware updates, Petcube users will be receiving an application alert informing them of the necessary firmware update.

The firmware update process only takes up to 15 minutes during which the LED light on the Petcube camera will be blinking fast orange color as shown on the picture below:

So whenever you notice a fast blinking orange light on your Petcube camera, make sure not to unplug or reboot the device in the process.

Once the firmware update is installed successfully, you will be receiving another application alert informing you that the latest firmware has been installed on your Petcube camera.

If the LED on your Petcube keeps flasing orange rapidly for longer than 15 minutes, please get in touch with our support team.

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