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  • YB
    Y. B.

    July 24, 2022

    Great way to keep watch

    I got this for free from a friend. I'm not sure I'd purchase such an item but my kids and I love it, as well as our cat. The ease and ability to talk and see even in the dark is great feature for checking on my kids too. The treat is a side bonus and it's a huge treat for the kids sending a flying treat. The app works great, no glitches as some wrote. The audio volume is adjustable on the app so that solves what some complained about. The default was low and after changing it we got it just right. Can't ask for anything more than ability to chat and see wide angle and feed treats all in one unit.
  • J

    July 21, 2022

    Absolutely love it to check on my babies!

    I absolutely love this camera! I can talk to my cats and make sure they are okay when I’m away! And give them a treat to spark up their day when I’m gone! Sometimes the treat dispenser jams, but not too often, other than that this was an awesome purchase!
  • K

    July 16, 2022

    Might be the best one!

    This is super helpful to have when you travel and have to leave pets behind ( cats). The camera is excellent, you can pan lens around some to see room, you can hear your pets and they can hear you. Best part is you don't have to purchase extra amazon hardware to work with this unit. Just set up on the wifi and you're good to go. It also has auto feed feature, if you happen to be unable to get on wifi from somewhere your babies can still get some attention. BONUS feature- it also doubles as a spy camera for your spouse/kids lol. You can open app on your phone and talk across the camera to anyone in the home! Totally worth the spend!
  • JD
    Jake Davies

    July 08, 2022

    Great hardware and software

    It was my second product from Petcube. I've tried the basic camera and after using it for awhile purchased Bites. Treats are incredible. Can't recommend enough. It's fun, and most importantly it's a healthy way to pay remotely with your fluffy one.
  • af
    alejandra feijoo

    June 06, 2022


    excellent but i would like to make this recording more excellent
  • SH
    Steve Howery

    May 25, 2022

    Great Product

    The product is great, works good and picture is clear. The only issue I have is we buy the dispenser then get hounded by the app to buy some vet subscription, like every time we use the app. Some separation or an opt out would be nice. I bought this to see my pet and throw her a treat now and then. This app is like watching ads before every video.. the dispenser I give 5 stars the app sucks..
  • A

    May 05, 2022

    Ich liebe es

    nachdem ich diverse, smarte Futterautomaten getestet habe, die sich entweder nicht verbinden oder bedienen ließen, habe ich den Petcube für meine Katzen gekauft. Die Installation lief einwandfrei, Befüllung klappte auch problemlos, wenn man Leckerlis in der richtigen Größe hat und er hängt jetzt an der Wand (zu empfehlen, da die Tiere es sofort raushaben, dass da Futter drin ist und ihn sofort umwerfen)Erschreckend gute NachtsichtDie App nervt etwas mit der Werbung und einfachere Einblicke in die Sicherheitseinstellungen wären wünschenswert.Achtung: Fast alles ist auf englisch!Preisleistung ok und völlig ausreichend für Snacks (nicht zur Fütterung geeignet, dafür ist er zu klein)
  • GM
    Georgina Mann

    May 02, 2022

    Je recommande !

    Très utile pour savoir comment mon chien est quand je ne suis pas à la maison ou pendant la nuit.
  • J

    April 24, 2022

    So much fun!

    Incredible good price for this. Idk who enjoys it more, me or the dog! Had a small issue with microphone on android (they have it resolved on IOS) but the company was a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond to make it right. They already have engineers working to fix it. Awesome product and even better customer support team
  • J

    April 20, 2022

    Our pets love it!!!!

    We love that we can see our sweet pets and reward them with a treat as we see them and they hear our voice.Great product.
  • mrh
    michael ray hendershot

    March 29, 2022

    Dogs love it

    Have really enjoyed it. Works great
  • U

    January 30, 2022

    Highly recommended for pet parents

    I ordered the Petcube Bites 2 Lite on Tuesday and received it the next day. The item arrived in excellent packaging. The setup is easy, download the app and connect to WiFi, look for the device nearby, and pair it.The product has treat gates for different size treats, which I find valuable. The bigger gate will shoot 3-4 treats out at a time.The video quality is fantastic. The two-way audio worked well, but my favourite is the feature to toss treats by flicking the screen.From your smartphone, it's effortless using the 2-way interactivity to talk with your pet and activate a treat for being a good boy/girl. We're still in training mode, but so far, so good! You can also control the levels of sensitivity for alerts. Night vision is super crisp, even better than my phone has. Highly recommend Petcube for pet parents!
  • kd
    kennie delmo

    December 24, 2021


    Wonderful device that let's me be at peace knowing my pup is ok
  • PM(
    Paola M.T (LaOjona)

    November 13, 2021

    Great product! Recommended 100%

  • lm
    lee montalvo

    October 09, 2021

    Better than I thought

    Easy-to-use, I love that I can check on my girl, while away from home, and hearing my voice, gives her comfort. Being able to give her treats is the Best ,she loves it and so do I.
  • E

    September 12, 2021

    Seeing is believing

    I’m transitioning back to an in-office job after being home every day with our eleven month old pandemic puppy. To keep an eye on her, we ordered one of the Petcube Bites 2 Lite and one mini Petcube to setup in the rooms pup will have access to while we’re gone. They’re fantastic! Setup was simple (unless you forget your own wifi password like me), and I had them up and running and connected to my account in no time. The noise and motion alerts are great, we haven’t had any issue with incorrect alerts but they’re not overwhelmingly frequent. The treat dispenser could use some work, but I’ve found that kibble-sized treats work very well with the medium and small dispenser sizes.I haven’t tried Petcube Care yet, but I’ll be activating the free two week trial when I start leaving for work again, I’m hopeful that the recorded videos will provide sufficient evidence to our nosey neighbor that our pup isn’t the noise maker of the neighborhood.
  • I

    August 15, 2021

    Perfect picture quality

    Perfect quality. Now I won’t have to worry what my little friend is doing, while I’m not home. Easy to use.
  • MK
    Michael Klein

    June 18, 2021

    Amazing pet camera for checking in on your fur baby while away!

    The item arrived in great packaging within 1-business day. I bought the original PetCube years ago before recently deciding to upgrade to the new 2021 Petcube Bites 2 Lite, which had some additional features we were interested in.To start, the best feature in my opinion is the treat feeder. From your smartphone, it's really easy using the 2-way interactivity to talk with your pet and activate a treat for being a good boy/girl. We're still in training mode, but so far so good! The audio and video feeds (photo attached) are fantastic and you can control the levels of sensitivity for alerts.Night vision is super crisp; even better than my phone has. Makes seeing at night super easy.Altogether, as a user of the original and now a user of the latest version, this product is best in class.
  • H

    June 14, 2021

    Those pups are already excited!

    Seem like those two are rather excited to see their new toy! Or am I more excited even? This new Petcube as a compact design, it is really a plus compare to the original versions that were bulkier. Now it really fits it the house better. I also really like the color (white) definitely easy to accommodate with my decoration. The camera quality is still so good! Overall very happy about my purchase, just wished they came up with a new crazy functionality but I am sure it is in the pipes.