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  • GY

    March 16, 2024

    Great and reliable Camera

    Petcube is very good.
  • JB
    Jeremy B.

    March 02, 2024

    Great camera

    I like the field of vision-gives a very wide view. The laser is fun to use bc when I’m gone i use the laser to keep my cats entertained.
  • E

    February 20, 2024


  • BM
    B. Mann

    February 08, 2024

    Works great on Wi-Fi and cellular. Laser toy is great!

    I didn’t know what to expect when I got this as far as quality of video or laser toy or connectivity away from the house. All I can say it has far surpassed my expectations in every way. Let me give you an example. I was on my way down to the ground on a plane. I thought, let me check on my cat. Using the Wi-Fi on the plane, I was able to access the video feed in my home living room and see my cat was there bored and needing to play. I enabled the laser toy and proceeded to play with her for five minutes while we finished landing. She had a great time and I was reassured she was ok. The quality of the video was great, almost no lag, and the laser toy worked like a charm! There is a little lag for the laser toy but it still is great. A+ for this. I would gladly recommend to anyone. Setup wasn’t that hard either. The only hiccup was that I chose a camera option for someone in my building that they were already using. Once I selected the correct Petcube model, it connected fast and easy!!
  • RH
    Robyn Harrington

    January 31, 2024

    So Much Fun For My Cats

    Absolutely love this product. Being able to play with my cats when I am not at home is so much fun. They absolutely love it too. I did have some trouble figuring out how to allow my husband access from his phone also however customer service was quick to respond and walked me through the process step by step! It is very rare to have great customer service with a product. Highly recommend!!
  • AJ
    A. J.

    January 23, 2024

    Best Product

    If you have pets that stay home alone, this is a great option to check on them and keep them entertained. The voltage input option made it also a decent fit for me to use in the middle east.
  • KC
    Kindle Customer

    December 16, 2023

    Awesome device and feedback.

    We have loved and enjoyed the petcube camera with a laser pointer!! Not only do we get to check in on our cats and puppy (he thinks he’s a cat too). but we get to interact with them. I love that we can talk to them and play with the laser pointer. My husband and I love this camera and we recommend it for anyone with furbabies!!!
  • M

    October 17, 2023

    Great help

    Customer service was great. Helped me out quickly with a WiFi issue!!
  • C

    August 14, 2023

    Camera is doing what it is supposed to do

    Have had camera for a few years now in our rv. Makes us feel more comfortable knowing we can check on our pets and see if they are stressing out in our absence. Had to contact customer service since wasn’t working properly and they walked me through an update.very impressed. Highly recommend.
  • JB
    Jessica Barczewski

    July 08, 2023

    Great camera

    The camera is definitely for 5ghz internet and set up is a breeze. The laser pointer is great cause when my cat decides it's time to sing at 3am, I just turn on the camera and the laser pointer from my bed and play with him for a few minutes. Very happy.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    April 01, 2023

    Piece of Mind

    It gives me piece of mind to check up on my pet and make sure she is safe. The audio comes in handy if she is out of view, or if I need to get her attention. I own the PetCube 2 but am going to purchase an additional basic camera for a smaller area that the original one does not cover. I also don't need the laser toy that comes with the PetCube 2.
  • m

    September 03, 2022

    Tired my cat out!

    The first PetCube I received would freeze when I tried to talk on the mic while using the laser. Customer service sent me a replacement right away and I have had no issues with freezing. As you can see from the video, the actual laser location is not where my finger is pointing but it’s no biggie as I can see where the actual laser is located through the camera. My cat loves this and knows when it’s time for play as the PetCube will chime when it’s turned on. Btw- I used screen recording for this but you can take videos and photos from the PetCube app! The product looks nice and appears to be well made.
  • NK
    Nathan Kahn

    September 03, 2022

    Best animal monitor I have used!

    Device works great to check in on animals, picture is kind of pixilated and can get laggy, speaker is a little distorted and mic is a little week but they get the job done. The laser is a bit buggy and does not go where your fingers are pointing on the screen (it is off by a couple of feet). This can cause the laser to point at walls, furniture and windows that makes the animals jump at these things. Over all I am able to check in, talk to and interact with my pets while I am away in a way I never was able to before. For this reason I really appriciate this device and will use it every day, it is also way better than any other device I have used to monitor my pets
  • JPB
    Jennifer P. Bell

    July 15, 2022

    Petcube Customer service was amazing

    Update: I had trouble with my first cube, Petcube reached out to me, to see if they could help makes things right. I was not expecting that and I was impressed. My Play 2 is working better and I also put it on a tabletop flexible tripod which helps you adjust the camera and laser to the area that works best. I know that if I ever have a problem with this or any product they make they will stand behind it. That's rare these days. I don't know if it's broken or if it's a design fail. But the autoplay laser shoots 3-5 ft up a wall. What cat can see or even play like that? Mine certainly can't. I thought it was to shoot down on the floor, that what some images show it doing. My laser points 3-5 ft up on the walls. It never plays on the floor where my cat can actually see and play with it and there no way to calibrate it to let it know the correct area to point the laser so the cat can actually see it. I will be returning it.
  • KF
    Kathleen Fitzgerald

    June 16, 2022

    My 2nd, and works great!

    I have had a "Play 1" for a few years, and works great. I wanted to add a 2nd device to get better coverage of my kitties. I did have a weird problem with Alexa and asking to "auto play" because Alexa could not figure out which unit to play on. Got support online in chat and although they did not find the exact problem, they pointed me in a direction of obscure settings for "laser toy". Figured out how to resolve my issue. Now I'm a happy camper with 2 working Petcubes and if the 2 works as well as the original 1, I'm sure I will be a happy customer for a long time. Even if it is a little pricey compared to other brands, I think you do get what you pay for and this is a quality product worth the $.
  • BB
    Brian B

    February 26, 2022

    My cats love it.

    The laser is great. No on-screen joystick to control it like some other products. This one you swipe your finger around the screen to move the laser. The internet connection can be iffy sometimes, unless your phone is on fast wifi. I'm on 5G and it still lags sometimes. The touchscreen control for the laser is great, and it's not an on-screen joystick. You just swipe your finger around the video feed on the screen and the laser follows (within its movement limits). I'd love to see a future version that combines the laser of the Play 2 and the treat dispensing of Petcube Bites 2.
  • RG
    Richard Guy

    October 20, 2020

    of the thousands of dollars of dog toys my dog owns... this is the one

    we have pup pod, varram, wicked bone. go bone, purple pet bed, big barker per bed... exc. The petcube has always been the center piece however.... I'm not saying this as someone who just bought the cube, we own all the toys! This is the one! the video quality is very lacking... not even on par with say a galaxy s8 or so. for those unfamiliar, about a 20169/2015 ish smartphone. Alexa will play with the laser for the pets, she is decent at the job. the mics pick up amazingly.. i can talk to Alexa from the other room. it honestly looks better in night vision? not sure why. but ok! motion tracking... it is spot on! i feel safe with my door unlocked! and i have used petcube for video evidence against my dog! if you have friends who will join in or call your pet... just wow! dog can and do have social experiences like us humans online. she knew it was them and was so excited each time they called. public which is optional feels like a bunch of kids yelling at my dog. like i am playing xbox live! but still useful! it is great to leave your home and know your pet is safe... 200$ for me is a small asking price. furbo is their competitor, but honestly the camera looks only slightly better and i do like that petcube has many models that all can be seen seamlessly together. play and bites... furbo just throws treats.
  • S

    September 15, 2020

    It's a good product for staying in touch with your pet

    I got this one in replacement of the previous generation of PetCube. - I think that this one works much better in terms of connectivity (the previous version constantly had issues disconnecting from wifi and not being able to reconnect). - In terms of the picture quality, I haven't noticed any improvements from the previous version of Pet Cube both previous and this Pet Cube allow exporting videos to iOS only in 720p resolution. - The motion detection is not a very useful feature, it gives a lot of false positives reacting on outside of the window light changes and when it detects the cat it also starts recording a bit late. - I almost never use night-vision, but it seems working well. At the end of the day, all of these things don't matter much for me as long as I can stay in touch with my cat while I'm away it is all good. My cat trained to get into the room as soon as he hears the beep sound that device is making when somebody connect to the camera. And my cat loves the built-in laser toy. Overall it is a good product.
  • AH
    Alyssa Hatch

    August 21, 2020

    Expensive but incredible customer service.

    For $200, this is not worth the price. The lag time for the laser is about 8-10 seconds, which makes it nearly impossible to play with my blue heeler. She’s much too fast for the time the laser is taking to register that she’s moved. And the picture quality is sub-par. Great idea, but the mechanics behind it are poor for the price. $50 quality to me. Update to this post: Daniel, head of Petcube service, reached out to me 24 hours after I posted this review. He worked with me for about 2 weeks time to make sure that all our problems were troubleshot and that we could get the optimum performance out of our Petcube. I’ve never had customer service from a company be so on top of things. He provided us 3 months free of the care package for the Petcube and was extremely responsive to my questions and concerns. I would end up buying this device just for how amazing the people behind the works are!! Thank you, Petcube and thank you, Daniel!
  • DR
    Dominic Rouse

    July 30, 2020

    Great petcam (not for security use)

    I bought this for the autoplay function with Alexa. There was an issue with the skill and Alexa. Petcube support was great! It took a bit of time for it to get fixed but I was kept updated on the progress. Now that everything works, I am very happy with this purchase. The audio when I talk to pets is clear. Control of the laser pointer is great, but, as the instructions suggest, calibrate the laser pointer movement to make it accurate. The video quality is good enough to see my pets and identify people. This is not a security camera first, it's a pet cam first. I have it placed so that it catches an angle my other camera doesn't get. Overall I am happy with the camera. The only issue with the petcam would be the lack of local video storage on an sd card. This would he useful in the event of the loss of internet. I'm giving 5 stars since this is designed and sold as a petcam. Overall it does exactly as advertised and the support team was a pleasure to work with. They even gave me free time on the paid service for the issue I had. As a security camera, it works good to enhance your coverage as a secondary camera not as a main room camera. Get this for a petcam to check on your pets and entertain both the pets and the owners.
  • GM
    Garrett Mac

    June 14, 2020

    Full PRO/CON list inside! READ BEFORE YOU BUY!

    Find another product. Here’s a full list of my pros and cons however I would advise you looking at the Apple/Play store reviews before purchasing because this has Alexa something that Amazon pushes so I’d be lucky if they don’t hide this review as a product they want to push. I’m also surprised at the high rating here in the low rating in the App Store is because of these problems. I think there’s review manipulation on this product. Cons * Records videos into 10 second groups. If you want to increase that to 30 sec you need to create to a subscription plan, more here below... ( * So 5 minutes of recording split into 10 second videos leads to 30 recordings for every five minutes that you’re gonna have to sift through define something you’re looking for. And that means 30 push notifications every 10 seconds — their app claims to have updated this I haven’t used it to find out) *Only stores a small amount of video recordings before deleting the old ones first ( if I’m guess maybe around 60 it stores by default without a plan—being 10 min of video) * Filtering through recorded clips is a nightmare. It takes forever what you’re looking for doesn’t do any sort of grouping * So if your pet sleeps in a room and you Wake up and somethings destroyed the Motion detection would have created 60 recordings you have to click into each individual recording I hope that you were lucky enough it was captured in the last 10 minutes of recording otherwise it got deleted overnight) * Only cloud video storage, no option for local storage * This force you into their subscription Model. * Any of there video quality claims are irrelevant (I think they claim it’s 720p?) Because they all get uploaded into the cloud where in any data transfer or compression (which they’re definitely doing a lot of sending it over the wire) You’re losing the video quality because the video quality bad. Low frames per second so very jumpy * has subscription model-based model after you purchase. * The plans aren’t solving the underlying issue. I don’t want to have any video grouping derived by it’s seconds, I want it by start to finish movement interaction . * They have 2 plans a $50 and $100 plan that allow them to store more recordings in higher secs per video chuncks (like 30s per video for the $50 plan I think) * doesn’t support 5ghz WiFi networks (only 2.4) * No configuration on Autoplay for on or off hours. Ergo your cats could be loud/wild while you sleep Pros * beautiful exterior design * Auto play feature (every few hours the laser will start moving around) * Night vision works well * App lets you watch and play with the laser live
  • TU
    Tina UK

    February 12, 2020

    Amazing Petcube

    I had a Petcube Play which stopped working and I needed a new one as my Jug was about to have a litter of 5 pups and I needed to keep an eye on her while I was out. I decided to upgrade to the Petcube Play 2 with integrated Alexa and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I live in the UK and unfortunately the play 2 isn't available in the UK yet, so I got the Petcube delivered to an American friend who then forwarded it to me, unfortunately doing it this way then incurs a customs charge. Back to the Petcube play 2, the picture is very clear and the night vision is fantastic. The field of vision has definitely improved in the play 2 as well as the zoom feature. With Alexa built in, it has been an added bonus as I can now ask Alexa to play classical for pets which soothes my dogs. I also have a Petcube bites and I can ask Alexa to fling a treat, as well as everything else Alexa can do. Overall I would recommend the upgrade and can honestly say I'm delighted with the Play 2. I would also like to add that the Petcube customer care is brilliant, they are very quick to respond to any problems and solve them as fast as they can.
  • ZG
    Zachery Gowan

    January 20, 2020

    Our Cats Love this thing!

    This thing is AMAZING. My wife and I originally purchased the PetCube Play 1 because we travel a lot for work and wanted to be able to keep an eye on and play with our cats while we were away. The customer service provided by this company has been incredible when we had questions or needed assistance, so much so that we decided to upgrade to the Play 2 when it came out. One of our cats who was a bit pudgy actually lost a full pound from playing with the laser (to the excitement of our vet) and we know he’s getting some of his crazy energy out even when we are too busy too busy to play, which means he is MUCH less annoying at night while we’re sleeping. The camera in the PetCube Play 2 has a much wider field of view than the 1, and the laser interaction/movement is smoother and easier to use in the app. We loved our first PetCube and the upgrade to the Play 2 has been well worth it.
  • S

    December 31, 2019

    Awesome camera for remote viewing!!

    First thing, I don’t have Alexa so I have no comment. Second thing, everything works great (with the camera) . Easy hook up, app download and connecting: no issues, no problems.Playing with the cats remotely with the laser was incredibly cool! Everything worked the way it should have - with the camera. The picture is great, the zoom function is fantastic. I have NO issues with the camera and how it functions, at all. Now, the app can use some work. I found it very difficult to determine wether or not the sound was on. Pushing the settings allows you to turn sound on or off, but then you have the microphone which turns on or off. And I couldn’t figure out which setting actually worked. I will have to play with it, while my wife is in front of the camera, so I can get voice confirmation on what is happening. I know the Petcube sound works, since I called the cats’ name, and he took off looking for me...😢. Sorry Boomer! 😭 Love, love, love the camera!! I would definitely recommend this to any animal parent who wants peace of mind throughout the day!!
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    December 22, 2019

    Great cat toy with wi fi camera

    This is my second Petcube that I got for my two cats in addition to the treat dispensing Petcube Bites 2 that I ordered for my dog. The cats are not as food motivated but rather active and playful, so I thought they would love the built-in laser toy. The 5GHz wi-fi support and a built-in Alexa were the other two reasons for getting a Petcube. Plus I can cover more of my home with two cameras. The setup was even easier this time — I just added Play 2 as another device in the same app. My cats took to the laser immediately and my dog enjoys chasing it once in a while as well. The laser is very responsive and smooth — so I don’t accidentally point it on the places I don’t want my pets to jump onto. I love the autoplay option so they can still get some playtime even when I’m busy at work. The camera gives you a wide-angle view, which means you can place it anywhere in the room. It can be set up on the tripod too and moved around easily if needed — very thoughtful and convenient indeed. The HD video quality is impressive and I really appreciate the two-way audio — it’s great to prevent my pets from mischief, especially the dog. I get the most peace of mind from alerts. Whenever a sound or a motion is detected, I get a notification to my phone. I use the Petcube Care service for when I’m busy and can’t check in on them — the camera automatically records action videos in the timeline. I find it extremely helpful with multiple pets — you can easily figure out the troublemaker at home. Alexa is a great bonus since it basically makes Petcube a smart speaker that can help you do all sorts of things — from checking the weather to ordering food or playing music. It’s a great product for a pet parent, and I would highly recommend it, whether you’re worried or miss your pet back home.
  • Ed
    Edmond dantes

    December 14, 2019

    Great product does everything it claims and works well

    Let me start this review by stating (because many product pages are overrun with inflated fake 5-star reviews now) I have not been compensated or encouraged in any way, shape, or form by the seller to write a review or give the product a rating. I have chosen to write this review simply because I wanted to. I have been a long time amazon shopper and typically never write reviews for products. However, the PetCube 2 Play has made my girlfriend so happy that I felt I had to share some of the positivity. First, the elephant in the room. This is at the time of writing this review a $200.00 dollar product. Now let me tell you why it MIGHT be worth the high price tag. Setting up the product was extremely easy. Depending on how savvy you are with technology it should take anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes. The product does require a Wifi network to function and of course, is going to work best with a compatible smartphone. Once you link the product into the Wifi network it's pretty much ready to go. It comes with Alexa built-in and can be controlled by the smartphone app when away from the house. The video quality is very good and the device powers on with a distinctive chime when it powers on that will likely condition your pet to get interested every time they hear it. The laser function works great as well, of course, there is some lag however this does not affect your ability to use the laser to play with your pet. The Zoom and night vision function also works well. No, you won't be able to see every tiny detail in the pitch-black dark but you can still see enough to see your pet, move the laser around a bit, and make sure they're still there which is ultimately the point of the product. Not to count the hairs on their head in the dark so I won't penalize the product for not having $2,000.00 nightvision equipment built-in. You can also use the device to speak through and the product works great at performing this function with no issues but I will say the benefit of this will probably depend on your particular pet. In our case the cats show no interest when you talk to them over the device however that is probably how they would react in you were in the same room. Ultimately, if you're the type of person that needs to check in on your pets while you're away or if you just want to stimulate your pet with the laser to wake them from deep boredom while you're at work or such then the PetCube 2 play is definitely a good product and does what it claims. Personally, I am not that type of person and don't feel the need to watch my pets with a video camera however my girlfriend is and used to experience a lot of anxiety when away worrying about her cats. After a week of using the product my girlfriend actually cried when she told me how happy she was that I had given this to her and how much stress it took out of her daily life. So if you have a girlfriend, wife, husband, aunt, grandma, or sister who is constantly stressed about leaving their pet alone without knowing if they're okay then the $200.00 is worth the peace of mind and stress relief it will bring. If you just want a camera to watch your house while you're gone there are more cost-effective options out there. Again, I will reiterate that these words and review is my own and in no way was I compensated or encouraged by the seller to review or rate this product. Thanks for reading my thoughts!
  • q

    November 27, 2019

    love my petcube!

    I am an existing owner of the first pet cube so I have both versions. Using the pet cube it's noticeable the larger field of vision compared to the first iteration, but the experience is pretty much the same. In my opinion: Pros: - I LOVE LOVE its ease of use. Its by far the most appealing quality, as its really a breeze to setup and use. - Great video quality, its clear in both during the dat and as night vision - Cloud works great. I have the subscription and I love how easy it is to use. - Overall one of the best user experiences out there. Possible improvements, not cons, but something I'd like to see improved: - An option to select the threshold for the motion detection, sometimes it gets triggered a tad too easily - Cloud is awesome but would be great to have the option to upload movies to a network hard drive or even your own FTP server - Maybe due to its different speakers, when I turn off the petcube 2 I hear a loud "pop" from the speaker. This does not happen on the first iteration of Pet Cube. - Would be awesome if future releases had a USB to record movies straight into a flash drive. - Compatibility with Apple Home Kit would be a plus
  • R

    November 19, 2019

    Awesome device for pet lovers.

    Right after delivery we unpacked Petcube with my cat. He was interested into it and sniffed each part of this new device. Setup process was very easy, scanned QR code, installed app and signed up a few minutes. We use Amazon Echo and were glad that Alexa integrated with Petcube so we can send command to Petcube. I've read that I can tell command like "Alexa ask Petcube I play with my pet for 5 minutes" and game should start, but Alexa told that she doesn't know the command. Later I've found that I need to add new skill to Alexa, through its menu. It's good to have detailed information about that in user help. We very liked night vision camera, because we can play with cat when he walks in another room. Automatic move detection works well, but game start only for few minutes, if we use Alexa we can set how along should Petcube play with cat. The fun thing is that we can call cat to come to Petcube by command "Kitty kitty". At the moment I didn't find another way to start autoplaying with cat except sending command to Alexa, it would be good to see such option directly in Petcube app. One more thing is when Petcube started autoplay after move detection Alexa can't find Petcube in list of my devices so I you can't send command. When we were out of home and had some time we used to call to cat to play with him, manual mode works smoothly, we don't need to keep finger on phone screen, just tapping on certain parts of the screen and laser point moves from one spot to another fluently. Pros: - easy setup - night vision camera - autoplay after move detection - integration with Alexa - smooth moves of laser pointer Cons: - unable to start autoplay from the app - movement detection notifications didn't work with app.
  • T

    November 14, 2019

    I wish I had bought it sooner!

    As someone who works in the medical field this is perfect for checking in and playing with your pet on those long shifts at the hospital. Video Quality: The video quality is good enough to see everything in view and the wide angle covers my entire apartment. I've included a pair of photos to demonstrate the quality and the scope it covers. The plant in the foreground is there for reference as it is about a meter tall. The quality isn't exactly 4k but 1080p works well enough for our needs. My fiancé and I can clearly see where our cat is throughout the day providing us with a sense of relief. The camera has the ability to screenshot pictures or record video while you are using it, which is nice to share funny moments of playing with the laser pointer. You do have to pay for the subscription to save video automatically when you're not actively viewing the camera, which is a downside, but the option is there for an additional cost. Laser pointer: I was most impressed with the laser pointer function. I really thought the laser pointer would be sub-par, stutter around, and difficult to control but I was wrong. After calibrating the laser to your room, the laser smoothly drags across the room as you move your finger. I've had no trouble on breaks playing with my cat Ease of use/setup/security: Setting up the camera is very easy and the app walks you through it step by step. I've yet to encounter any issues connecting to the device remotely and have had no problem walking my family members through the process of accessing the camera. The biggest selling point for myself is the security and encryption PetCube provides. I wouldn't want a no-name competitor camera in my household, especially one that can show not only my pet but what I'm doing as well. With their rigorous encryption standards I have no worries that anyone is hacking into my camera. At first I was skeptical of this device and the cost compared to other pet cameras on Amazon. But after using the device, you'll understand its worth it. The quality/view of the camera, the extremely easy to use laser pointer, and the top notch privacy features make this a must buy and I only wish I had bought it earlier.
  • W

    November 13, 2019

    Truly Invaluable

    Before purchasing this camera I tried Pawbo as it was recommended. It did not do all that I wanted in a camera, so I did some research and bought this camera. It is honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made. Here is the reality of owning this camera: Pros Recording when it detects sounds or motion is incredibly useful and receiving notification throughout the day is a nice way to check on my fur baby while at work. She has learned when my lunch break is and will sit and wait for me to play with the laser with her (which works wonderfully). Automatically switching between day and night mode is wonderful and having 2 way audio is a fun way to communicate with her (even though I know she doesn't actually talk back). I have the subscription to save the videos for 3 days and have 30 second video clips with 10 video downloads. Cons There are a few minor things I don't love, but nothing too major. The smart filter sensors are not entirely accurate with smart filters as it will say a human is detected when the light reflects in weird ways, or it won't pick up that my cat is in the video sometimes. Other than this small thing my only other issue is that sometimes the video will get fuzzy, but toggling night mode off and on has fixed it every time. Overall I am very happy with this camera, and it helped me catch one of my cats urinating outside of the litter box. It is a great way to keep an eye on your home and your fur babies.
  • D

    November 01, 2019

    More than just a camera for your pet

    Bought Petcube so my wife stays calm when we have to leave our cat home alone for a day or two. Now we can check any time we want how our fluffy friend sleeps all day on the sofa. It's a bit pricey but happy wife, happy life, lol. After using it for several months I can say that it worth every penny: - easy setup, easy usage; - wide-angle capture (our entire living room is covered) with a zoom feature if you'd like to get closer to your pet-friend; - high-quality picture on a smartphone;- laser toy to entertain the cat (we have Petcube Play2); - night vision; - minimalist design. We also discovered a new way to use our Petcube, when our baby monitor broke. Initially, we used Petcube as a temporary replacement. Bt after trying a couple of baby monitors and Google nest, we decided to continue using it as a baby cam, as it's night vision mode is just great! So currently we need to buy another Petcube for our cat. This time I'm considering to try Petcube Bites to pamper our cat a bit while we are away.
  • R

    October 10, 2019

    Love my new device and PetCube company!

    I have been a loyal support of PetCube since the first generation came out and the company has continued to impress me. I have two cats and the camera helps me to stay connect with them while I am away and keep an eye on them if I am not gonna be home for a while.From the first generation, PetCube really has come a long way. Lots of improvements on the camera, speaker and laser. I remembered the camera of the first generation being very blurry and the speaker often had echo sound. The second one I got was PetCube Play and the camera has improved significantly. Now onto this latest PetCube Play II — it is probably one of the best pet camera in the market. The camera offers a really wide view and images are very clear. Night vision is also spot on. I also like that Alexa is incorporated with the camera so that you can have multiple Alexa devices in different area (i have Echo Dot in the bedroom and PetCube in the living room) Two future developments/improvements I’d like to see: 1) it will be great if there are different speed for automatic laser because sometimes I noticed the current speed is too rigorous for my cat 2) would be nice if future PetCube can have a motor at the bottom so users can turn the camera by controlling from the app 3) wireless PetCube anytime soon? Overall, amazing engineering and creativity. Love the routine software upgrades as well. Also, very responsive and excellent customer service!
  • J

    September 16, 2019

    Petcube Play MADE our day!!

    As puppy parents, we work roughly 9-10 hours a day and feel bad leaving our fur baby home alone for so long. When we heard about pet cube play, we had to try it. As always, Amazon did deliver on time and with proper tracking, which is always a plus. One minor note, the packaging it came in was a non-insulated envelope, rather than a box, which damaged the corner of the petcube play box. Not a big deal since the petcube play itself was properly packaged, but we enjoy keeping the box as well. As soon as it arrived, we had to give it a try. Our doggo, “Maui” always enjoyed laser toys. Packing of the Petcube Play was nice and compact. We like the simplicity of it and the sleek design of the body itself, it blends well with our decor. Maui noticed the chime as soon as it went off, that it was time to play. Setup was easy, as is with most petcube items, mainly due to the visuals along with the text to help guide set up. One of the most difficult learning features was controlling the laser during manual play, there is a little bit of a lag, as well as a learning curve. It takes a bit to learn how not to point the laser at certain areas of the house you do want your dog climbing all over. There is a neat feature for automatic sense play. When the motion sensor is triggered, the laser can be calibrated and play with your dog when motion is sensed. This helps out quite a bit when we are away, while also caputring her moments of joy. We didnt know, but petcube play also came with Alexa! First time using it in the house. One freature we wish they had is a manual schedule we can input so she can play at certain times. Maui sleeps througout the day, but the petcube play would randomly turn on and disturb her sleep. Not really sure how to turn this off other than manually. Overall, this was a great purchase for entertaining the puppy while giving us a chance to relax and watch her play. Although the price may seem a little steep, the resolution quality and petcube support you recieve with it justifies the cost.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    September 06, 2019

    Great cameras, great brand!

    I already have the original Petcube and was in need of a 2nd camera so thought I’d give this one a try since we love our Petcube. I am really happy with it! Here are the top things I like about it: The video quality is very clear in daylight, and the night vision has improved. The video quality wasn’t bad before, it’s just even more crisp and clear now which is nice because I use it in a big space and I can see everything easily. The design is sleek and looks nicer than other pet camera brands in my opinion. The laser feature is great! I used to have trouble getting it to work where I wanted on the original camera it so I didn’t use it much, but on this camera it’s very easy to calibrate and my dog loves it! Since I already have a Petcube, it only took about 30 seconds before it was up and running. Super easy! And it’s vey easy to flip back and forth between the 2 cameras in the app. Setting up the first camera took very little time, well under 5 minutes if I remember correctly. Overall I love my cameras and the app! Everything is easy to use and runs smoothly so I never need to worry.
  • C

    August 27, 2019

    A Big Step Up!

    It’s like the previous PetCube Play but better in every way. Connection is stable, image is clear, the wide angle is awesome and the laser control is greatly improved. I had the previous version and was hesitant to upgrade because it seems pretty similar, but it doesn’t feel that way now that I have it. The steps up in quality and performance have made everything work quicker, smoother and all around better. It doesn’t feel like an incremental improvement, but a big step up. If you’re deciding between this one and the original, I’d highly recommend going with this one. If you’re new to PetCube it’s really neat to be able to check in on your pet during the day. There’s probably going to be a lot of time when they’re not on screen but since it records based on motion, whenever you check the app you can see the last time your pet was on camera, so there’s always something to see. I really thought this sort of thing was a gimmick/unnecessary, but now that I have it I can’t imagine going back. You can’t call or text your pet when you miss them, but this way you can at least check in on them.
  • B

    August 26, 2019

    Good Product That Works As Expected

    The Petcube Play 2 was a nice upgrade from the original, which I have had for a few years. I really like the Amazon Alexa integration and the laser play is much smoother. They also improved on the set-up experience; with the original pet cube it took forever to connect to wifi but this one I had up and running in just a few minutes. I only have one cat; so, the Petcube is great for being able to play with her when I am out of town or so she can activate the automated play mode herself. The one con I still have for the product is that in the default set up mode it automatically records videos when it detects motion or sound and turning this feature off isn't clear. I had to dig around online to understand that Care Awake is the button you click on to toggle the auto record feature as the app doesn't make that really clear, it would be nice if it started off and then taught you about the option and how to turn it on. Beside that, the product works exactly as described and I haven't had any issues with it. I ended up picking up a cheap tripod to get a better floor angle for laser play.
  • E

    August 24, 2019

    Love my Petcube play 2 !

    As my cat is alone all day, he gets bored sometimes. I bought this camera to play with her using the laser. The Petcube play 2 is a very good product. I like the night vision and the video recording (you can even save the best videos into your phone). I can always have a look at what happens in my place when I'm not there. I'm more confident to leave for the weekend. And my cat loves the laser ! Also the notifications (for motions or sound), you receive on your phone is very useful. I had an issue with the notifications at first so i asked for help to the Petcube website's chat. The customer service answered me directly. My contact, named Daniel, guided me through the issue by email. He was really professional and he found the solution quickly. I can definitely recommend the Petcube play 2 and tell you the Petcube customer service is very good and kind ! If you have any question you can definitely ask them on the website's chat. They'll answer you. PS: the delivery arrived faster then expected, even if I am from France i received my Petcube pretty quickly.
  • JL
    Jaime Lew

    August 18, 2019

    Well built, high quality cam for pets

    I got the Petcube Play because I already had the Petcube Bites, and I wanted another camera for another room. What's really neat is that they both work together in one app. Pros: Great App: The app is probably my favorite thing about Petcube products. It has a great user interface and includes a feed of other pets that people can share. High-quality hardware: As far as the hardware goes, it's impressive. It's much better than the cheap $50 off-brand cams that you can get. Looks great sitting on the counter. The fact that it has Alexa on it is super convenient! I don't have to buy separate smart speakers now. Cons: My dog doesn't really care for the flashing laser pointer that much. It's not that she's scared of it, but she either doesn't know it exists or she just doesn't care. I'm not sure which one - but I suppose it might be more fun for cats. Overall, I would highly recommend this product. I love that it monitors for movement so I can check the app during the day and look at the recorded movies of my pup!
  • A

    August 16, 2019

    Fun way to keep your pets active while you're away

    This is my second PetCube product - I also own the PetCube bites camera. This time I went for the laser pointer version to give my cats a chance to play during the day. I like the design of the PetCube Play 2 - it fits right in with my other devices and isn't super obviously a camera like some of the competing products. Within minutes I had the camera set up and it was ready to go in the app I already used for my first PetCube camera. My cat took to the laser right away and I look forward to many more play sessions with him. I've included a short video of him playing with the laser. The laser pointer function is mostly smooth - it occasionally lags but this doesn't really affect the play experience from my cat's perspective - if anything it gives him the chance to 'catch' the laser for a second. I also really like the dual purpose of the PetCube cameras for home security - because they are triggered to record by motion or sound, I feel better knowing that if someone were to enter my home while I'm away I will get alerted along with a recording of what's happening. This brings me peace of mind.
  • C

    August 10, 2019

    Compact. Does the job nicely.

    I have a huge dog who acts like a cat, so I opted for the Play 2.0 (and because I might get a cat in the near future). It's also more compact than the Bites. The setup was super easy. I connected the device to the power supply, downloaded the app, and connected the device to the app via bluetooth. I like that the 2.0 version supports both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. I was a little worried about the connection, but the connectivity seems strong (I have a big house). During my initial test run, I discovered that the laser beam was automatically enabled for every call. If you don't like that, you can easily adjust your settings so that it's not enabled automatically. Personally, I disabled the sound notification and the laser beam when the call starts. Moving the laser is pretty smooth. The 180 degree camera angle, hd view, and night vision are pretty good. The free four hour storage for footage is helpful because I'm not always looking at the app. The Alexa built in is convenient in the morning when I'm getting ready to leave the house and want to know what the forecast is lol. Overall, I'm satisfied.
  • LO
    Louise OLeary

    August 10, 2019

    Excellent device - my cats love it.

    The PetCube Play 2 is an excellent device. I purchased the device as I travel frequently and though I have an automatic feeder and someone who checks on my cats, I worry that they miss our play sessions when I am absent and I miss seeing them. The set-up was simple and quick (<2 minutes). There were no issues with set-up and the app explains clearly minimal (<4) steps required for set-up. You don't even need an instruction booklet for the set-up, you just have to plug in the device and download the app on your phone. The camera gives a wide angle of view, which means you can tuck the device somewhere safe to avoid your cats knocking it over. I was initially concerned my cats would knock the device over and damage it but it's flat, broad base makes this exceedingly difficult for them to do. I put the device on my tv table and despite my cats jumping up and lying beside the box, they have not managed to knock it over. The laser is so simple to use, very responsive and accurate. It also has a long-range. I can use it to play with my cats throughout the entire living room. This is my favourite feature of the device, now I can interact with my cats even when I'm not home. You can also speak to your cats through the device - this would definitely be a big plus for pets like dogs but my cats don't show any reaction when they hear my voice through the speaker (but they also don't react to my voice at all in typical cat fashion...). At first use, there was significant echo through the speaker but this is because I was sitting beside the device - the app clearly explains that you should be further away and gives steps to reduce the echo. I found the app easy to use but have to experience with other social media apps. I could imagine the app might be confusing for someone who is not very familiar with social media and similar technology. The boys love the device, as you can see from the picture where they are on standby ready to play!
  • LN
    L. Nguyen

    August 05, 2019

    Better features than other pet cameras

    Pet cube play is an upgrade over my last pet camera. The picture is a little grainy but it’s still better quality than other cameras I have used. Further, it doesn’t take long to load the camera picture. My favorite part of the pet cube play is that you can set a schedule for when you want the recordings to start and stop. The last pet camera I had, I had to manually change from home to away mode. Sometimes I would forget to change and would have no notifications the whole day. This became a problem when my dog became violently ill one day that I had forgotten to set the camera to away. Luckily, he was fine but I didn’t find out until I randomly checked in on the camera and saw puddles of vomit on my floors. If I had the pet cube play, it would’ve notified me when it recognized the motion. I also like that I can talk through the cube. That’s usually a premium feature. My dog thinks it’s weird though. He doesn’t understand where the sound is coming from. He’s interested in the laser too. We’ve never used a laser before so I’m excited to be able to interact with my dog when we can necessarily be at home. The camera is also a good size and doesn’t take up too much room. Also, it was a breeze to setup.
  • AC
    Amazon Customer

    August 04, 2019

    Great product for good price

    I came across this product a while back when it was still on Kickstarter several years ago. I since I have been following it and the company itself, and it's been great to see the evolution of the product over time. What stands out – is attention to details and how well it's executed. The packaging and the design of Petcubes are really nice. It does feel like it's made with care. It took me about 2 minutes to unpack and set it up and another 5 minutes to download the app and connect it to the device. The user experience is very smooth and well thought out, unlike other cheap devices in this category. I like that it can be set up on the tripod and moved around easily if needed. A built-int Alexa support is a nice addition to this product. I like Petcubes not just for the product itself, but for the community and the ability to share and play with other shared "cubes" on the network. My dog loves it!
  • JF
    Jeanette F.

    August 03, 2019

    Must Have for Pet Parents

    We have the Petcube Bite and have been wanting another, more compact, Petcube to cover another area of our home. When we saw there was a new Petcube, we decided to give it a try. What we like so far: - Size: It's small, especially compared to our PetCube Bite - Option for Tripod: There seems to be a place to screw in a tripod, which will give him more options as far as placement of the camera itself. - Set up: It took me longer to remove the stickers from the box to open it than it did to set up the camera. Very simple and easy. This may be because we already have another PetCube, but the initial set up for the Bite did not take very long either. - Option for sensitivity of motion/sound: Our Bite records everything and notifies me. This is great when it actually captures and notifies me that our pest control guy has arrived or the house cleaner is there, but when you're being notified of sunlight changes every 2 minutes, its a bit much. That makes this PetCube Play 2's option SO much better. What we don't like so far: - There really hasn't been anything we've disliked yet. We love our PetCube Bite and have a feeling this PetCube will be a great addition.
  • EA
    Evgenia A.

    August 02, 2019

    A great way to connect to your pets when you are away

    I got the pet cube play to interact with my cats when I am out of the house. The voice feature is really great, they hear your voice and they know it is coming out of the pet cube, they get so curious about their new toy. I can also play laser with them remotely by sliding my finger on the screen, to keep them fit. Petcube was easy to setup with the help of an app, which is also pretty user friendly and simple to navigate. All together it took me 5 minutes to set it up. The app is very interactive and let's you take videos and photos of your pets. The design of the pet cube is sleek and simple, however in the future I hope that it will be even smaller. The camera is a wide angle and good quality. The best thing about the pet cube for me is the convinience of saying hi to your kitties whenever you feel like. I think pet cube is a great product for pet owners, brings you closer to your pets, and gives you a chance to interact with your pets when you are away.
  • M

    July 29, 2019

    Easy to Use, Great Tool Interacting With My Pet When I'm Not Home

    I've had the Petcube Play 2 for about a week now and overall it's been a great experience. Setup was very intuitive and user-friendly - the app was easy to navigate and made account creation and camera syncing a simple, 5-10 minute process. My fiance and I have both been able to access the camera from our jobs to see what our dog is up to, and we've had no trouble utilizing the two-way voice and laser pointer features. I do have to raise my voice quite a bit to get my dog to hear me - the speaker on the device itself doesn't project as much as I would have expected - but I was still able to get her attention when I needed to. The paid subscription has some nice features like extended video memory and the ability to record longer clips, but I personally haven't used it and have gotten by just fine. All in all the Petcube Play 2 is a great device for any pet lover.
  • JK
    Jordan Kutner

    July 25, 2019

    Great Pet Cam!

    Update 8/9/19: The team over at Petcube is great and they really do stand behind their products. I had a few issues with my original order but they were all addressed and corrected by their customer service. I am having a lot of fun with my Petcube and my puppy loves it. Glad I came across this product and company! I bought this camera because I wanted to entertain my 8 month old puppy at home while I was at work. What sets this camera apart from most other pet cameras is the laser light function. I like how you can control the laser remotely or even ask Petcube to play and the laser moves around randomly for a few minutes. The laser is very responsive and does not have much of a lag. My puppy really enjoyed that feature and quickly learned that the phrase "Alexa, ask Petcube to play" meant the laser was around.
  • G

    July 21, 2019

    Great upgrade to the original. Improved laser and wider camera view.

    This is my second petcube. I decided to upgrade from the original. I can say that overall I'm a fan of the product. Taking out of of the box you can tell it looks and feels like there have been substantial upgrades and improvements to the product. Set up was very easy. I had it up and running within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box. The only challenge I had was with the Amazon alexa integration. Everytime I tried to enable through the petcube app, it crashed the app. I went to enable the skill directly through alexa but still can't seem to get it going through the the petcube app. Not a huge issue for me as I personally prefer Google home so would be great if a software update would be made available to make it compatible with the Google assistant. Outside of this I'm a huge fan of the cameraThe lense is significantly wider which allows me to see the entire range of the living room. And the laser is much improved. I had a very hard time using the laser on the original model given how difficult it was to maneuver on my phone. Autoplay feature is pretty cool and helps to entertain my pets while I'm out and provides tons of entertainment for me later to observe the videos.