Petcube Care
Petcube Care

Membership for pet parents

Petcube Care members save an average $200/year on pet care. Exclusive savings on Trupanion, Rover, Audible, DOGTV and more. Plus, monitor your pet with 24/7 video history and smart alerts.

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Free trial of 24/7 video history with Petcube device purchase.
Membership comes with paid plans.

Petcube Care

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Get complete coverage with multi-day video history and save
money with partner benefits.

What do I get with my
Petcube Care membership?

Complete 24/7 video history over 3, 10, or 30 days, saved on the cloud.
Extended video recordings, and 2-year device warranty.
PLUS members-only access to savings on a range of pet care services.

Without Petcube Care
With Petcube Care
Access to Past Video History
4 Hours
3, 10 or 30 Days
Members-only Pet Care Benefits
Access to Live Stream
Sound and Motion Alerts
Video Recordings of your Pet
10 Second Clips
Up to 30 Second Videos
Video Downloads
2-Year Extended Warranty on your Devices

Member-only Pet Care Benefits

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Get 50% off each additional device

Certain country and new user restrictions may apply on partner benefits. For more info, see FAQs.

Petcube Care is a winner with pet
parents everywhere

Ricky Campbell

Ricky Campbell

Huntington, WV

Timely Alert of Medical Emergency

Petcube Care caught my dog's hive emergency. I went out
of town, and my fiancée was working when she received an alert. She noticed that one of our dogs wasn't acting right, and zooming in, she spotted severe hives all over his body.

Susan Williams

Susan Williams

Houston, TX

Asthma Attack

While at work, I received a notification alert and saw through the Petcube pet cam that Ziggy was experiencing a major attack. I immediately drove home and was able to give Ziggy her medication.

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Chris Donoghue

Chris Donoghue

Longmont, CO

Sick Cat's Happy

When Douglas ran away, we set up Petcube Bites outside the house, with motion detection on. At night, the pet cam detected Douglas and notified us. We were able to run outside and bring him home.