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Petcube Launches GPS Tracker

Introducing our debut wearable, the Petcube GPS Tracker. Beyond enhancing dog safety, our newest innovative device provides valuable insights into your furry friend's daily activities and health.

Gear up for a transformative stride in pet care with Petcube's latest innovation – the Petcube GPS Tracker, which we are adding up to the product line of home cameras to cater to the dynamic needs of pet parents.


Petcube GPS Tracker provides real-time GPS location, keeps tabs on daily activities, and monitors your pet's well-being, all conveniently from your phone. Make your pet care better with the Petcube GPS Tracker, now at a special price of $52.99 on

"GPS Tracker is a much anticipated step in Petcube’s evolution, — said Anastasia Kukhar, CEO. — We are stepping out of homes and into the wild, following pets on their daily routes, keeping them safe and sound, monitoring their well-being at all times. Similar to Petcube cameras, we combine complex tech with a clear accessible design and tackle another vital issue: pets getting lost. The U.S. stats in this issue are devastating. No family deserves to part with their beloved animals, and Petcube is joining the effort to prevent that.”

Why Petcube GPS Tracker?

  • Real-time GPS location tracking on 4G/LTE networks with high-sensitive Lost Dog mode for extreme situations
  • Customizable geofencing alerts with intelligent notifications for pets leaving designated safe zones
  • Extended battery life with up to 30 days in power save mode
  • Built-in LED lights for clear identification at nighttime
  • Built-in buzzer for additional audio cues and training
  • Lightweight, yet durable design, IP67 water-resistant
  • Glow-in-the-dark flexible silicon case
  • Location history, activity logs, and wellness insights
  • Set up in a flash with the Petcube app – 60 seconds and you're good to go

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The Petcube GPS Tracker is a perfect fusion of advanced technology and user-friendly design, forging a realm where pets are not only safer but also more connected. The reality is that more than 500,000 dogs in the United States go missing and remain undiscovered each year. It's a concern that propels us to actively contribute to initiatives aimed at addressing this challenge.

Get your Petcube GPS Tracker at and gear up for some fantastic and safe adventures.