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Interactive Cameras

See and talk to, toss treats, play remotely, enhance training,
and prevent anxious behavior

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GPS Tracker

Smart GPS location, activity monitoring,
escape alerts

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Human grade formulas, natural
ingredients, ultimate care

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Smart AI-Powered
Alerts Save Lives

Broken glass emergency averted

Petcube Cam saved my dog from harm! One day, my pup knocked a mirror off the wall, shattering it on the floor. Petcube immediately notified me, and I saw the shards of glass everywhere. While I was at work, I texted my roommate, who quickly cleaned up the mess. Thanks to these alerts, my dog was spared from getting injured.

Ashley and Tylo
Petcube Care alerts kept my cat safe

My cat, Ziggy Spice Williams, has asthma and needs constant monitoring. One day, while I was at work, Ziggy had a major asthma attack. Thanks to a Petcube Care sound notification and camera’s rotation function, I saw her coughing and wheezing behind the table. I rushed home, gave her medication, and took her to the vet.

Jessica and Ziggy
Hive emergency caught with Live Alerts

Petcube's real-time alerts saved our dog's life. While me and my wife were out of town, we checked our Petcube Cam and noticed our dog acting strangely. Zooming in, we saw severe hives covering his body. We rushed home and found two sting bites on his neck. Thanks to Petcube, we were able to take him to the ER vet in time. Petcube's smart alerts truly make a difference in emergencies.

Walters family and Bobby

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