They say you should "let sleeping dogs lie" and we couldn't agree more. Is there anything more peaceful than a sleepy puppy? Here are ten dogs who have totally mastered the art of the nap. Can we join that cuddle puddle?

Who's up for some petflix and chill?
petflix and chill
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Naps are even better when you can cuddle up with a friend
dogs napping
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Nothing to see here, just two bros taking a snooze
dogs snoozing
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This IS my weekend plan
dog with a laptop
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I think we're going to need a bigger bed
dogs in bed
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You know you're serious about napping when you have sheets with your portrait on them
doggos in bed
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You're never too old for a teddy bear
dogs with a teddy bear
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Don't wake me unless there are dog treats
dog in bed
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Maybe I can hide from Monday under the sheets
dog sleeping in sheets
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Man's best friend is also man's best snuggle buddy
two girls with a dog
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