You’re bringing home a new kitten or cat – lucky you! Now that you’ve made this important decision, you have another one to make… how to name the new family member. Good cat names are not hard to come by, but sometimes we need a little help in the inspiration department.

Picking a name for your cat is serious business, and you know it. Your cat is unique, and you want a name that is equally so. Here we’ll help you pick the purrr-fect cat name so you can embark on your new life with….well, you’ll get back to us on that one.

If you’re short on cat name ideas, here are some things to think about when choosing an exceptional name for your feline:

  1. Get Inspired by Your Cat’s Appearance
  2. Learn Your Cat’s Personality
  3. Consider the Cat’s Breed
  4. Keep it Short
  5. Try out a Cat Name Generator
  6. Using Your Cat’s Name

Cute kitten

Get inspired by your cat’s appearance

People used to name their children based on their appearance back in olden times, but it’s still a popular way to choose pet names. Many cute cat names have been dreamed up by cat parents inspired in this way. (“I christen you… Diaper Cat!”)

Does your new kitten or cat have a tuxedo or “wear” socks? Or do its markings make it look like a baby tiger? Those are just a couple of things that can inspire a perfect moniker.

If you’re in the mood for mystery, you may want to go with an intriguing name like Shadow for a black cat, while a gray cat might make a perfect Smokey. Longer haired, fluffy cats might make a great Fuzz or Puff. Or maybe your cat’s appearance reminds you of a character out of a movie or book, such Bagheera or Garfield.

Cat with Eagle Eyes

Learn your cat’s personality

Many new pet parents feel rushed to name their cat right away, but the best cat names often reflect the cat’s unique personality—and discovering that personality takes time! If you’re struggling to come up with a cute cat or kitten name, take a few days to observe your new kitty’s behavior and see if any names come to mind naturally.
If your kitten grabs every kitchen scrap that falls to the floor, you might consider calling him Hoover (we mean for the vacuum cleaner, not the president). Caesar might be an appropriate name if your kitten acts like an emperor in a fur coat. And Huckleberry or Ranger could be great choices if your cat has a taste for adventure. Give your cat some time and she’s sure to inspire a funny cat name.

Red cat sleeping

Consider the cat’s breed

Is your feline a Russian Blue or an Abyssinian? If those sound like salad dressing names to you, then we give you permission to skip this part. Otherwise, keep reading! The history of a breed can help you come up with a unique name. For a good male cat name, the Scottish name Angus can suit a strong and independent Scottish Fold (although you may find yourself mysteriously craving a burger when he’s around…). For breeds with a pampered reputation, like Persian or Siamese, royal titles such as Prince, Princess, or Duchess are apt.

Pexels cat photo

Keep it short

You might like names such as Maximillian or Benedict, but you’ll likely start calling your kitty Max or Benny. And guess what? It’s not a big deal! Unlike dogs, who recognize their names, cats are more likely to respond to their owner’s voice and tone more than to the name itself. Still, you might want to stick with a shorter version - it is easy to pronounce for you and for your cat to absorb.

Although it’s tempting to choose a silly cat name you can really wrap your tongue around, they do respond best to short names. One or two syllables is ideal. Penelope is great, but Penny might be even better.

Cat laying on a bed

Try out a Cat Name Generator

If all else fails, let the internet decide for you! Many an overwhelmed new cat parent has turned to online cat name generators to help with this important task. Many names are gender neutral, but if you want to find great female cat names or cool male cat names, generators will make recommendations based on your cat’s sex to find a name that’s the cat’s pajamas.

Our favorite is, which offers a list of options according to the specific category you choose, popular cat names, funny cat names, and even unexpected categories like geeky and Biblical cat names. If you’re a WoWer, you can find a name that speaks to your cat’s inner warrior with the World of Warcraft warrior cat name generator.

Fluffy Cat

Once you’ve christened your cat, you will be free to unleash all your kitty love on your new friend. Remember that cats respond to tone more than words, so try to keep your tone consistent and calm when calling its name. Greet it when you come home, whisper sweet nothings to it, and tell it how much you absolutely wuvvv it to your heart’s content—we won’t judge!

Then check back in with PetFeed and share your story with the community. With Petcube pet cameras, you can stay in touch with your special friend when you’re out of the house, and share your funny videos with other pet parents. Happy naming!

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