Sure they look just a little furious, but aren't cats in costumes just the cutest? Anyone who has ever tried to put a costume on a cat knows that it's no small feat, so lets celebrate all the brave owners that managed to get their cats to put on these goofy animal outfits. Here are costumed cats!

Eight sets of claws could be dangerous
eight sets of claws
(photo via @sophie_the_model)

This costume has our seal of approval
cat seal
(photo via @

I'm not too chicken to wear this silly hat
chicken cat
(photo via @jakeavanti)

It's a CAT-erpillar!
(photo via @bensonthebengal)

Have you seen that shark cat movie: Paws!
cat shark
(photo via @travarrio)

All the better to sneak up on bunnies
bunny cat
(photo via @pancakeandtoast)

No tail feathers, just tail
cat with feathers
(photo via

Wild kitties of the Serengeti
wild kittie
(photo via @ticketyboutique)

Young Simba learning about the circle of life
cat simba
(photo via @eevee_and_penny)

What a little ham!
piggie cat
(photo via @fanta_the_savage)

Give me a hive five!
hive five
(photo via @doodles_unicorns)

It's Jurassic Cat
dinosaur cat
(photo via @mr_fluffybuns)

This unicat only poops rainbows in her litterbox
rainbow cat
(photo via @_lauren.jones)

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