Is there anything cuter than a dog in a costume? Only if that costume also happens to be tasty food! We love pups dressed like snacks and we've rounded up our favorite foodie dogs who are making us squee and drool.

Donut make fun of my cute costume

corgi weared in a donut dog costume
(photo via @sneakersthecorgi)

I know I'm not supposed to pee in the house, but can I pea in the house?

Corgi weared in a pea dog costume
(photo via @chompersthecorgi)

Someone get this dog some mustard

Corgi weared in a hot-dog costume
(photo via @lacorgi)

Frenchie soft serve is call "Le Soft Serve"

Bulldog weared in a cake dog costume
(photo via @miss_molly_frenchie)

Taco Tuesdays just got even better!

Bulldog weared in a taco dog costume
(photo via @frenchieleo)

If Chiquita had a pet dog this would be it

Chihuahua weared in a banana dog costume
(photo via @porschekid)

Make my latte a pupkin spice!

Puppy latte costume
(photo vis @bailey_diaries)

It's hard to use chopsticks when you don't have thumbs

Corgi weared in a sushi dog costume
(photo via @wholetthedoggosout)

Bacon is supposed to be IN me not ON me

Bulldog weared in a bacon dog costume
(photo via @mrbobabear)

Extra pup-peroni please!

Dog weared in pizza costume
(photo via @wearesocialnyc)

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