We love our cats and we assume they like us back, but there is one part of cat ownership that isn’t too great: cat pee. It, frankly speaking, stinks. Here are 5 ways to target the unbearable odor of cat urine.

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1. Schedule a check-up at the veterinarian

If your cat suddenly stops using the litter box and opts for a new bathroom, schedule a visit to your veterinarian for a check-up. It is possible for cats to develop kidney stones that affect their ability to control their bladder. Cats who develop medical problems tend to associate the litter box as the source of their pain and shun it.

2. Check your cat’s litter box

Cats are known to be territorial creatures and peeing all over the place can be their way of saying they own the house (and you). That, or they’re signaling that their litter box is full and you forgot to clean it. Some cats may even outgrow their litter boxes and need a larger replacement.

The litter you use may also be the cause of the problem. It is recommended to use unscented litter as cats have a sharp sense of smell and can be put off by scented litter.

3. Keep carpet cleaner close at hand

You will inevitably need to keep carpet cleaner stocked up if your pet frequents visits outside of the litter box. Use napkins to absorb urine as much of the leak as possible before neutralizing the smell. A mixture of vinegar, water, and baking soda can eradicate the odor but be wary of the vinegary smell you get in exchange.

Your cat-companion may also be urinating in random places you can’t see. The Petcube pet camera is a solution to this problem as you can track your cat’s behavior (come on, they watch us use the bathroom all the time). This is the best method for detecting the source of a smell.

4. Routinely wash your sheets and other removable covers

Nothing says “I love you” more than your cat relieving itself on your bed sheets or clothes. Wash your sheets and clothes immediately if this happens.

If this is a serious problem in your home, train your cat to stay off of your bed or restrict access to your bedroom. It may be tough to get past the meowing outside your bedroom door but this effort will save you many trips to the local laundromat.

5. Splurge on an air purifier with an odor eliminating filter

Invest in an air purifier with an odor eliminating filter if your smelly problem persists. Air purifiers can seem pricey but they provide lifetime relief from pet odors and they control pet dander and dust. Keep one near your cat’s litter box or in the room where the problem is most prevalent.

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