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Joanna Que is a writer with a passion for nature and animals. A grateful paw parent of dogs and cats, she loves her furry companions to the moon and back.

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— Joanna Que
Why Does My Cat Stalk and Pounce on Me?

Wondering why your cat is stalking and pouncing on you? Find out the causes of this behavior and what to do with it. »

— Joanna Que
Best Tips on How to Give your Dog a Pill

Did your vet prescribe your pup an oral medication? Find out how to get a dog to take a pill hassle-free and learn about the best food to hide a pill in. »

— Joanna Que
Why Do Cats Knock Things Off?

Why do cats push things off tables? Read about the reasons behind this habit to understand why your cat keeps on knocking things over and how to prevent it. »

— Joanna Que
Can Cats Eat Potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli and Other Vegetables?

Can cats eat potatoes, broccoli, or carrots? Find out which veggies and herbs you can safely share with your cat and ones that should be avoided. »

— Joanna Que
Tail Chasing and Tail Biting in Dogs: Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

If you've ever wondered why is your dog chasing her tail, read about tail chasing and tail biting in dogs to understand the reasons for this behavior. »

— Joanna Que
What Does It Mean When Your Cat Sleeps on You?

For those who ever wondered "Why does my cat sleep on me?", we created a list of 5 possible reasons that explain why cats like to sleep with their owners. »

— Joanna Que
How To Introduce a Kitten to a Cat and Make Them Get Along

8 tips on how to introduce cats, what to do if your cats don't get along, and some cat bonding tricks for responsible pawrents. »

— Joanna Que
Is Cat Sneezing a Reason for Concern?

Why do cats sneeze? Learn about possible causes for sneezing in cats, their signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. »

— Joanna Que
A Look Into The Possibility of Autism in Dogs: Can Dogs Be Autistic?

Can dogs have autism? Veterinarians don't rule out the existence of this condition in animals. Learn about possible symptoms and causes of autism in dogs. »

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