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It’s the height of summer, and finding tricks to keep you and your furry friends cool is getting harder and harder. Here at Petcube, we’ve come up with a list that will make it easier than ever!


  • Put cubes of ice in an indoor bowl, and freeze a big block of ice for their outdoor bowl. Keep it in the shade for ample water in a bowl
  • If you keep your animal outside when you’re at work or running errands, be absolutely sure that there’s shade available (keep the sun’s moving shadow in mind). If you buy a doghouse, get one with lots of in a doghouse
  • A perfect day for a water-loving dog is being taken to a pool or lake. Make sure, however, that you clean their fur afterwards!
  • If your dog loves the water and you're away from home, get a small children’s wading pool and put it in the shade. Be careful, however, as some breeds of dogs swim poorly and need to be monitored or even kept away from all water! dog in a wading pool
  • Take extra care with overweight, muscular, long-haired, young, old and medicated dogs. Also pay special attention to brachycephalic--or dogs with flat-shaped faces--as they are more susceptible to heat stroke. These breeds include pugs, Pekingese and Boston terriers.


  • Cats often prefer their water to be placed away from their food, and they’re notorious for drinking out of any water glass they find lying around. Place ice water in glasses and bowls around the house: they’ll be happy and hydrated! cat drinking water
  • Most cats don't mind a bit of moisture on their fur (how else would they groom themselves?), so stroking them with a damp cloth is a great way to overcome the hot weather. Pay special attention to the pads on their paws, bellies and the outside of their ears. cat sleeping
  • Be sure to brush your cat regularly, as matted fur works as insulation! Don't shave a long-haired cat (especially white and light-colored cats), as their fur protects them from harmful sunburns.

Small Animals

  • If you have a small animal like a rabbit or bird, make sure they’re taken into a cool part of your home. You can let them run safely around a tile floor or put a small frozen icepack, wet tea towel or loose piece of tile for them to lean against in their cage. apples

  • Rabbits, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and birds need to stay as hydrated as possible, so give them small pieces of fruits and vegetables that are high in water (celery, apple, etc.). It’s a rewarding, delicious way to beat the heat.

Simple Ways To Keep Everyone Happy

  • Close curtains/blinds facing south and west. It keeps the house cool, but also saves on air conditioning bills. Win-win!
  • If your dog or cat has long hair, check with your vet to see if a trim will help in the summer heat.
  • Keep your animals inside during the hottest parts of the day (about 10am-4pm) as much as possible.

From all of us at Petcube: Enjoy the season!

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