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Petcube SupportPetcube Bites 2 | Petcube Play 2 BLE | Petcube Play | Petcube Bites | Petcube CameraI can't connect to my Petcube / Petcube is offline in the app

I can't connect to my Petcube / Petcube is offline in the app

If you cannot connect to your Petcube from your mobile phone, make sure that the LED light on the front of your Petcube is steady white. If the LED light on the front of your Petcube isn't steady white, see 'LED light notifications' to determine the issue.

In most cases rebooting the Petcube by unplugging and plugging it back in should help but if you’re facing this issue too often, below are a few ideas why it could be happening.

  1. Your Petcube needs a firmware update. To get the most recent firmware update, contact our support team at
  2. Sometimes the issue may be caused by restrictions of the Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to, especially if it’s a public or office Wi-Fi. Try to temporarily disable Wi-Fi on your phone and connect to your Petcube while using mobile data or or try connecting to other Public Petcube cameras in the feed to make sure it’s not a network restriction issue.
  3. This issue may occur if you're using a non-original or a less powerful A/C adapter. Please make sure to use only 5V / 2A power adapters.
  4. You are using a mesh network or your 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz channels have the same SSID. It has been observed on multiple occasions that sometimes Petcube cannot maintain a reliable connection on a mesh network or different network channels (5Ghz and 2.4Ghz) with the same network name (SSID). It is recommended to change any of the two channels names to avoid connection issues.
  5. It’s possible that Petcube doesn’t have strong Wi-Fi connection. Keep in mind that some connection issues may be caused by poor Wi-Fi signal, which can depend on the router range, distance to the router and obstacles between Petcube and router, such as walls or radio frequency interferences. Here are a few examples how electronic appliances or bearing walls can impact your Wi-Fi signal.

Example 1 (fig 8.17.1) shows no electronic or radio devices and no bearing walls between two rooms so the signal in the other room is very good.

Example 2 (fig 8.17.2) shows a bearing wall between two rooms which causes poor Wi-Fi signal in the other room.

Example 3 (fig 8.17.3) shows interference caused by radio (phone) or electronic appliances (TV). Poor Wi-Fi signal can be also impacted by microwaves, refrigerators, cordless phones, baby monitors etc.

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