Petcube Team by Petcube Team

Meet Daily Diary, Your Pet's Personal Video Recap

We are excited to unveil Daily Diary, your personalized pet video digest for active Petcube Care subscribers. Integrated into your Petcube app, the feature offers daily video recaps of your pet's activities using AI-based motion and sound detection.

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How does it work?

  • Focused Recaps

With the Daily Diary feature, you'll see only what matters. Reduce the number of videos you need to rewatch, ensuring you never miss important moments in your pet's day.

  • Intuitive Interface

The Daily Diary has an intuitive timeline interface and familiar video player controls, making it easy to keep up with your pet’s adventures.

  • Social Sharing

Share your pet’s most heartfelt moments on social media with convenient in-app share buttons. Whether your pet is doing something adorable or funny, sharing these moments with friends and family is one tap.

If you're away from home or just want to capture memories, Daily Diary keeps you connected to your pet like never before. Follow and view your pet's daily highlights starting June 21 as part of your Petcube Care coverage.