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Petcube Introduces Petcube POPS – Healthy Dog Treats

Introducing Petcube POPS, our latest product that extends beyond tech roots. POPS are designed to transform snack time into an enriching experience for your dog, marking a fresh direction in our commitment to innovative pet care.

Petcube POPS is an ongoing testament to our dedication to quality. Made with top-tier ingredients, our new dog treats are designed to offer your pet a healthy snack, regardless of their size, age, or breed.

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"First, we had an idea to design treats that perfectly fit Petcube Bites cameras, — commented Anastasia Kukhar, CEO of Petcube. — So they had a perfect cubic shape and sturdy consistency and left no crumbs while packing top-notch nutrients and added vitamins. But we didn’t stop at that. We refined the recipes to produce top-shelf treats of our own, no matter if you use a Petcube device to dispense them. We ‘engineered’ POPS with the same enthusiasm and love as we designed our electronics, so pet parents could care better for their loved ones."

Here's what makes Petcube POPS special:

  • All-natural Ingredients: Petcube POPS are made with limited, human-grade ingredients, ensuring top-notch quality and nutritional value;
  • Important Vitamins: Each flavor has vitamins E and C, promoting overall health and well-being for pets;
  • Low in Calories: With less than 2 calories per piece, Petcube POPS are perfect for treating your pet without worrying about excess calories;
  • Delicious Flavors: Petcube POPS comes in three tasty flavors: Rabbit (Fur & Skin Care), Duck (Dental Care), and Pumpkin (Vegetarian);
  • No Extras: Petcube POPS are free from additives, preservatives, and fillers, ensuring a pure and wholesome snacking experience;
  • Works Perfectly with Petcube Devices: You can use Petcube POPS with Petcube Bites cameras to reward your pet even when you're not home.

You can buy Petcube POPS now at for $24.99. Join us in redefining pet care with caring solutions that strengthen the bond between pets and their parents.