Slava Baranskyi by Slava Baranskyi

Petcube chooses a manufacturing partner in China, gets first production prototypes

Petcube team has recently got back from China, where it future is literally being shaped at the moment.

Today we are proud to present our manufacturing partner — Yitoa. Choosing a factory was a huge challenge for us, as we need to produce a low volume of a really high maintenance device. Yitoa team has all the experience and skills to do it with us.


Soon after shaking hands on the manufacturing partnership with Yitoa, Petcube got its first PCB (Printed circuit board) prototype. It has a processor with hardware video encoding and encryption, which basically means that the new Petcube’s brain provides us with a good media streaming, high FPS (Frames per second) and an ability to process high-resolution images. Separate MCU (Multipoint control unit) for realtime controlling laser deflector lets us position laser precisely and move it smoothly.

multipoint control unit


And here comes the first production prototype. Smooth Apple-like aluminum housing, soft rubberized plastics on the rear panel, glossy front glass — it all looks stunning.

Petcube camera parts

dissolved Petcube Cam

As small cherry on top, we moved the speaker to the back to prevent interference with the microphone, so that pet owners can speak with their lovely pets without any sound distortion.

Petcube device