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Connecting Petcube Camera for Android and more

Stephen Hawking would never believe us, but lately we noticed that there is around 48 hours in a day. Spacetime curvature? No, just us finalizing a very important app update before the big release. And we did it! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Petcube ve

Moving forward

Sometimes you only get one moment to say goodbye, and that moment has come. We finally had to say farewell to the whole first batch of Petcube Cameras. While many packages are still on their way, the last bunch took off from China and those of our customers wh

Tight ship

The shipping of Petcubes successfully took off and it’s going well, despite the fact that we have changed our shipping provider one day before the start due to some customs issues. Day by day we continue packing our babies into special protective carton bags a