Slava Baranskyi by Slava Baranskyi

Petcube gets press attention and consumers' love

Shortly after announcing its preorder launch, Petcube has appeared in major media outlets around the world. The gadget that allows you to watch, talk and play with your pet remotely has attracted the attention of Wired, NBC news, Cnet, TechHive and other big media sites in the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America.


“There are few pleasures that can match the simple thrill of playing with a cat and a laser pointer. Soon, thanks to a Ukrainian startup, you’ll not only be able to infuriate your pet remotely, even when you’re at work, but you’ll also be able to play with other people’s pets”, -

“The Petcube is a simple device, really: It’s essentially a Wi-Fi accessible webcam that you can control through a Web browser. Tap into live video and sound, point the camera where you like, and talk back. Such things already exist — but do they have lasers?” - NBC News

“If you feel bad about leaving Fluffy home alone, consider giving her the laser treatment. Petcube is stylish box that lets you play with your pet when you’re away”. - CNet

“You’re sitting in the office, but don’t you wish you could be playing with your dog or cat using a laser pointer instead? With the Petcube, you’ll be able to do both at once”. - GizMag

“Long distance relationship: The Petcube app will let you play with your pets - and talk to them - on your smartphone from wherever you are in the world”.- BBC

Apart from the press, pet owners have quickly embraced the idea of being closer to their loved ones.

Petcube is currently in development and will be launched on Kickstarter this autumn. Please visit to get more information or to make a preorder.