Slava Baranskyi by Slava Baranskyi

Petcube thinks bigger, introduces the vision for future of pet tech

It has been an amazing month with lots of progress with the product, tons of useful feedback from our backers on Kickstarter and lots of exciting news.

We are committed to improving pet parents’ lives with technology. In the future we will integrate Petcube with other products. And here are the gadgets we especially like.

PinToFeed — is a remote feeder for your pet, paired with a smartphone application. A device like this was one of the most requested features from our backers so we’re sure you are going to like this amazing gadget. By combining Petcube with PinToFeed you can not only stay connected to your pet, but also be sure she is fed properly and not overfed.


Check out PinToFeed at for more info and pre-orders. And yes, we’re in touch with these guys and will be working on integrating our mobile apps.

Whistle — is a dog collar that tracks your pet’s activity, ensuring she has enough daily exercise and stays healthy. We are really excited about it. Combining Petcube with Whistle lets you check on your dog anytime and start a play session if the stats show that some exercise is needed.


Check it out and pre-order at

Sphero — is an awesome robotic ball controlled via Bluetooth from your smartphone. Guess what? Your pets will love such a smart physical toy. One day you will be able to connect Sphero to Petcube and use it to play with your pet as an addition to the laser pointer. This plan has a number of technical issues so we can’t promise Sphero integration with the first version of Petcube but we are doing our best.


Sphero is available for purchase at or at the Apple store nearby.

Phillips Hue — is an elegant and effective system that lets you regulate home lighting from your smartphone. Once you install the Phillips Hue in your home, you can easily control lighting levels with a single tap from your Petcube mobile app and interact with your pet, take nice snapshots and share good quality videos even at night.


You can visit for more information and buy Philips Hue at the Apple store.

Together with Petcube such products as PinToFeed, Whistle, Sphero and Philips Hue will help to keep your pet happy and fit.