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Roundup of Petcube's Kickstarter campaign

Petcube’s Kickstarter campaign is one week till the end and with $200k+ from its backers Petcube is the most successful pet product on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Here’s a roundup of big news from Petcube during this Kickstarter campaign.

  1. Kickstarter campaign launch

  2. $100k goal in first 6 days, stretch goals

  3. Partnership with pet shelters

  4. Petcube’s vision for the future of pet tech

  5. $200k, mobile app features announcement

Sep 24 - Petcube Kickstarter campaign launch.

When you leave your pet alone, who suffers from separation anxiety more - you, or your furry friend? That’s a question you will no longer have to ponder with Petcube, a smart gadget that allows users to watch, talk and play with pets.


Oct 2 - Petcube Hits $100k Funding Goal in 6 Days, announces stretch goals

If the campaign reaches $150,000, users will have the option to receive push notifications to their smartphone when Petcube detects barking or other loud noises. At $200,000, an auto-play mode will be added. The auto play mode will let users create a laser movement routine that runs even when no one is playing with the Petcube. At $250,000, Petcube will add motion detection- users will be notified when Fido is active and willing to play.


Oct 15 - Petcube Partners with US Shelters to Boost Adoption Rates

The American Humane Society estimates that five million pets enter US shelters annually. More than half of them are euthanized, costing taxpayers $2 billion. The team behind Petcube, a smart gadget that allows users to watch, talk and play with pets, intends to change that by placing devices in shelters across the US. Today, Petcube announces the first animal care organizations that will kick off the partnership.


Oct 24 - Petcube thinks bigger, introduces the vision for future of pet tech

As a company we are committed to improving pet parents’ lives with technology. In the future we will integrate Petcube with other products and here are the gadgets we especially like.


Oct 29 - Petcube Hits $200k, Announces Mobile App Features

We introduce a number of features for the upcoming mobile app, including the ability for device owners to share access, the ability to search for public Petcubes to play with, and a Petcube timeline.