The Emergency

Your $3,000 a year

Protect up to 6 pets with a single
Use it in an emergency
once a year.

No restrictions

Any dog or cat can use the plan,
of age, breed,
and medical history.

No payback

No co-pay, deductible, or credit
Unlike insurance, you
don’t pay it back.

How to use
the emergency fund


Share a video with a vet to confirm the emergency


Get any local vet's assistance within 4 hours


Ask the receptionist to call our hotline with the invoice


Head home with your pet saved and your bill paid

Terms to keep in mind

On day 15
after subscribing

You can start
using the fund

Once a year

You can use the fund
for an emergency bill
up to $3,000

The fund covers
pre-existing conditions

But not planned appointments

We cover incidents

The fund covers

  • Toxic ingestion

  • Choking and breathing difficulty

  • Severe blockages

  • Severe internal & external injuries

  • Other serious, unexpected, dangerous situations that require immediate medical attention

The fund doesn't cover

  • Scheduled appointments

  • Scheduled surgeries

  • Regular check-ups and wellness visits

  • Vaccinations and routine procedures

The lists are not exhaustive. All emergencies are evaluated on a case level by our vets.