Why should dogs get all the off leash adventures, hikes, and fun? Cats may have a public image as one of the lazier animals, preferring a long nap in a sunbeam over a romp in the woods, but for some kitties this isn’t the case. “Adventure cats” are a growing trend, and are blowing apart the common conceptions of where a cat can go and what a cat can do. Strap on your backpack, grab your to-go litter box, and let’s explore the world of adventure cats.

cat in a canoe (photo by @sukiicat)

A growing group of cat owners are starting to take their feline friends out in the wild, and giving them a taste of nature that’s traditionally reserved for dogs. These bold kitties go on hikes, climb mountains, ride in bike baskets, and even perch in kayaks. The trend has particularly picked up steam on Instagram where owners are documenting their cat’s adventures and letting other owners know that a cat can go anywhere a dog can go.

cat hiking in the mountain (photo by @kittenscapes)

Want to turn your own cat into an adventure cat? A whole site has popped up around the phenomenon designed to help share tips and tricks to safely let your cat explore the great outdoors. Before you get started you’ll need a few crucial supplies like a pet-friendly backpack, a harness your cat won’t slip out of, and a mobile litter box in case your kitty doesn’t want to use nature’s litterbox.

cat hiking in the woods (photo by @catschlepping)

Would you ever let your cat be an adventure cat? Do you think your cat would enjoy adventuring?