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Is It OK For Cats To Play With Laser Pointers?

Cats and laser pointers are always fun. We could watch our small predators chasing the red dot forever, but there’s one question that spoils the party: is it bad for cats to play with laser pointers?

Cat plays with Laser Pointer

It goes without saying that laser games with pets are amusing. Moreover, there are several practical advantages of entertaining your cat with a laser beam, but there are also some serious restrictions. Let’s take a look on pros and cons of using a laser pointer to play with your cat.

GoPro video "Cats vs. Laser":


Let’s face it: home cat’s life is rather monotonous. While wild felines have to climb the trees, sneak across the ground, hide in the grass, track their lunch and hunt it down, home kitties spend most of their day looking for the best place to sleep (and eventually it turns out to be your keyboard).This kind of a lifestyle makes cats bored and unfit, in some cases up to obesity. Cats were domesticated more than 5,000 years ago, but for a long time they were used for catching mice, so their life have never been so lazy as it is now.

Some cat people manage to entertain their pets with different games, but when you come home tired after a busy day, throwing and jolting various toys around may sound not like a very exciting activity. Furthermore, who’s gonna play with your pet when you are not at home? Here is when the laser comes in: you can move a simple pointer while resting on your sofa or go for a high-tech solution and get your Petcube Camera to play laser games with your pet using your smartphone even from afar. Cats may become too lazy to play with their old style physical toys, but they almost never say no to the red dot. So it’s fun and it’s a real workout!


As we said before, cats are predators. They need to hunt and to get their reward. Laser beam can never be tracked down and it’s pretty frustrating. In nature, felines don’t catch their prey at every attempt, but eventually they do. So is it bad for cats to play with laser pointers? The answer is yes, sometimes. Chasing red dot continuously without any result may make your kitty anxious. This can end up in torn carpets or furniture, dropped vases and even some scratches or bites on your hands. However, there’s an easy way to prevent such reaction. Just make sure that you end every game pointing the laser to some physical object that can actually be ‘caught’ - like a toy or hidden treats (not your roommate’s feet!), so your small hunter can win their victory.

cats and laser pointer

A few more safety tips

  • Don’t point the laser beam directly to your cat’s eyes. Petcube’s laser (same as used in most laser pointers) is safe for both human and pet’s eyes even in case of the occasional direct contact but it is strongly recommended to avoid looking straight at the laser for a long time.
  • Keep in mind that every game session should be limited and make sure to not overdrive your cat.
  • Don’t forget to entertain your kitty with various physical toys, cat playgrounds and treats apart from the laser.
  • Remember that there’s no toy that would replace you for the cat. Make sure to spend some quality time with your pet every day.

A quick video compilation on how lovely those cats trying to get the laser pointer:

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